What Types Of Shoes Are Suitable For Men This Summer

Be it for men or women, shoes for summer always require special priorities. When looking for summer friendly shoes, one aspect that makes a huge difference is the material with which the shoe is made out of. Thus, make sure you buy your shoes made out of summer friendly fabrics. Additionally, make sure your shoe is breathable enough to sustain the extreme heat during summer, which can easily make your feet sweaty, which in turn can turn into irritations and infections.

When talking of summer shoes, sandals are the first choice for many. Luckily for men, when it comes to sandals, there are a handful of fashionable, stylish options. Sandals are known for their superior breathability, which, during summer, comes in handy as they help in making sure your feet do not sweat and also make sure that any wet feet gets dried easily and fast. Additionally, during summer, many men prefer wearing sandals more than any other shoe with outfits like jeans, cotton pants, shorts, and more for everyday purposes. Thus, for men, sandals are more than just beach shoes.
If you are new to male footwear fashion and are looking for a such seller that promises quality for all your professional and everyday shoes, you can consider Bruno Marc shoes that are one of the best looking and high quality products in the market. With an affordable price range, their shoes are hard to resist. Additionally, if you are a family, know that they sell similar-looking shoes for women and children as well, which could be a dealbreaker.

In recent years, not only have sneakers become an all-season shoe, but they are also one of the few that can easily be paired with a majority of outfits for men. This makes sneakers a wardrobe staple no matter what. As a thumb rule, when looking for summer friendly sneakers, make sure your shoe has enough tiny holes so that plenty of air circulation helps in keeping your feet from sweating. Additionally, when looking into sneakers for summer, have a look at Oxford Sneakers from Bruno Marc as well, especially if you want a semi-formal summer-friendly shoe.

Mules are open-back slip-on shoes. Hence, when it comes to breathability, you need not have to worry at all. These shoes are extremely popular among women, and in recent years have grown to be liked by many men around the world. These shoes lack any fastening but are compensated by the closed-toe design that gets narrow at the front, which helps keep the shoe in place. These shoes, during summer, are one of the best options to style with cotton pants and tucked-in button-down shirts.

Penny Loafers
Penny Loafers are one of the best types of shoes made for men, especially for the summer season. They have a slip-on design that provides enough airflow to be easily worn during summer without experiencing any irritation. They are semi-formal in nature that offers a classy look when worn with the right outfits. The Penny Loafers, thanks to their rich history, will never go out of style no matter what. Hence, you can definitely go for them knowing that they will be in trend for many years to come.

Oxford Shoes
If the Oxford Sneakers mentioned above aren’t to your taste and instead, you need a full-fledged formal shoe this summer, the classic Oxfords are your best option. Oxford Shoes for men come in 4 different styles. As a beginner rule, the Whole Cut Oxfords are the most formal, whereas the Wingtip Oxfords are the least formal. The other two that is Cap Toe and Plain Cut come in between.

Monk Strap Boots
One of the most unique looking and stylish shoes available for men is the Monk Strap Boots. These shoes have one or more straps that are made to hold the shoe from coming off. These unique straps are known to be loved by many men around the world, especially because of how amazingly they blend with various trousers and t-shirts. These shoes are the best option for men who are bored with the classic looks of the Oxfords and instead need a different shoe for similar outfits.

Rubber Slides
Sometimes, during a hot summer day, all you might want to do to is go take a dip at the beach. Even though sandals might be good for beach visits, the rubber slides are always a better option due to their ability to be waterproof and also have large openings on the sides, which will ensure to dry out your feet and get rid of any sand stuck to your feet within minutes. A major benefit of these shoes is that they are quite flexible and hence, easily portable as well.

Final Thoughts
If you want to revamp your shoe section this summer, you could buy one of the shoes mentioned above and not regret it. As for the fabric of the shoe, since most men’s shoes are either leather or suede, know that suede is far more breathable than any type of leather. This could be a major factor in case the location you live in gets extremely hot during summer.

And if by any chance you go for leather, make sure to get genuine leather over synthetic ones as once again synthetic leather is less breathable than genuine leather, and the former is also less durable.

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