Walkers Crisps: Choose or Lose!

For me crisp flavours represent more than just my taste buds, and believe it or not they’re actually a symbol of my development as a person and how I see the world now as an adult!

When I was a kid, beef and onion was exotic. Occasionally a bag of Walkers Chicken flavour crisps would come into my life, but for the most part we would have cheese and onion or salt and vinegar. That was it.

And then my world became bigger. New flavours came along. Prawn cocktail, Thai Chilli, then it was Kettle chips, a new sophistication hit the world of snacks. My tastebuds danced in an orgy of the new and delighted in the unknown.

But then something strange happened. Enough was enough, I longed for a simple digestive, a pizza with two toppings and when it came to crisps, a flavour that as a kid I found dull, Ready Salted became my new champion.

Now I feel the time is right to look around again at what is out there and what better way to do it than with these limited edition flavours from Walkers. Lime & Black Pepper, Bacon & Cheddar and Paprika.

In order to get the publics notice, Walkers have come up with an ingenious marketing campaign (Choose or Lose) where the flavours go toe to to Mayweather/ McGregor style against more commonly know flavours, Prawn cocktail, Smoky Bacon and Salt & Vinegar. What’s more fab fashion fanatics, House of Holland have designed some very cool t-shirts to go with it.


Available from www.houseofholland.co.uk priced £30 all profits from the T-shirts go to the Foxes foundation, a charity set up by Leicester city FC to support Leicester charities (where the crisps are made in case you didn’t know).

For more info visit www.walkers.co.uk/chooseorlose

As you can see my personal fav right now is Lime & Black Pepper, but I’ve been there and got the T-shirt, so who knows what is next!

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