Vape Without Nicotine

We all know smoking is injurious to health. We also know that is very tough to overcome the addiction.

Stopping smoking is only possible with the right mindset, determination and support from friends and family. One way to start the journey from traditional smoker to non-smoker is Vaping. To start with it is a good alternative to nicotine-riched traditional cigarettes and much less dangerous to your internal organs.

You may have been advised by a doctor to try vaping as an aid to stopping smokin, but is it a good idea? In this article, we are going to clarify some misconceptions about the effect of vaping without nicotine. Keep reading.

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What is nicotine?

The name “nicotine” is synonymous with tobacco products. Nicotine is actually a natural chemical compound and the substance is found mostly in the nightshade family of plants; however, tobacco is its major source. Nicotine can be absorbed in many ways, through the air, and even from the skin. But smoking is the most common approach.

Nicotine is well known around the world to be highly addictive. It is also well know for the negative effects and dieseases it causes in the human body.

Should you quit nicotine entirely?

Though it is a wise decision to quit smoking entirely, many people find it easier to start slowly and no matter how determined and motivated you are going too fast can be more challenging.

In general, most e-juices are manufactured with a controlled level of nicotine. As a result, the majority of vapers are used to them. On the other hand, some vapers go to the opposite. Since your body is habituated with nicotine, cutting it down suddenly can result in conflict and there is a high chance you could go back to smoking. When you decide to leave smoking for good, consistency is an important factor. For the long term it can be better to start off slow and keep going forward.

Side effects of vaping without nicotine

Vaping without nicotine may result in a few complications. We are mentioning here the common side-effects.

Feeling Annoyed / Irritated

Although you are not taking nicotine, the e-liquids contain a sufficient level of propylene glycol that usually causes irritation in the mouth. 


Heavy vaping can also cause swelling in the lung and throat. When you start nicotine-free vaping, it can activate your immune system. A sudden change can result in swelling in your immune system cells.


Most beginners start vaping to overcome the dangers of nicotine. But, nicotine-free e-juices can be very toxic to cells. Studies have found that vaping is a reason for cell death, despite avoiding nicotine. The damaged cells can affect your lung and the natural protection against toxins.

The positive sides of nicotine-free vaping

Vaping without nicotine can provide you with some health protection when compared to smoking. For starters, the most obvious thing is that it can protect you from the toxicity of inhaling nicotine through cigarettes. Nicotine-free e-juices also help you to overcome the smoking addiction. If you are a chain smoker and want a break from nicotine, vaping can be a good way too. It may also provide you with a more satisfying feeling without having to smoke.

If you use a quality vaporizer, it may trigger the protection to the next level. Visit here to look into some excellent vaping devices. 

Alternatives and Tricks to avoid vaping

Addiction is a major issue for smokers and vaping can be harmful as well in the long run. If you are fully determined to quit smoking or vaping habits, you need to hit the urge to smoke. Here are some suggestions to satisfy your smoking addiction without a cigarette or a vaporizer.

  • Carbonated beverage: Do you enjoy the strong throat hit while vaping? Drinking a carbonated beverage can offer a similar sensation in your throat. Just be careful about calories and the amount of sugar in the beverage.
  • Chew gum: Some vapers are addicted to vaping due to flavorful e-juices. You can chew flavored chewing gum to squeeze difficult cravings.
  • Toothpick trick: You can put a toothpick in your mouth for a long time to overcome the bad habit or to replicate the physical act of smoking. You can also use a pen too (just don’t swallow any ink).
  • Deep breaths: Practicing deep breaths can also help you blank out the habit of inhaling mouthful vape.

We all know Smoking is undoubtedly bad for our health. For this reason, many smokers try vaping to avoid health risks. However, vaping is not completely safe either. Though e-liquids contain food-grade substances, tests have shown that the vapor can still be harmful to internal organs with or without nicotine. The best solution is to quit both of them gradually. I managed it and have never looked back.