Valorant Weapon Guide: Unveiling the Arsenal – Strategies and Details for Every Gun Type

Riot Games made sure that each gun comes with a small manual, but in the beginning, beginners rarely dive into these intricacies, prefer to test everything on the spot, and often lose sight of important details. Therefore, we have prepared this guide for you, where we briefly and clearly outline everything that is known about the most used guns in the game.

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Personal weapon

The cheapest set, consisting mainly of pistols with short and medium range. With the right approach, many of these guns perform well in combat.

Silenced pistol GHOST

  • Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Wall penetration: average

A powerful and quiet sniper from the world of personal weapons. The silencer suppresses the noise from shots, allowing fighters to operate covertly, and also increases the overall accuracy of the weapon. It performs best at a distance of up to 30 meters.

Revolver SHERIFF

  • Magazine capacity: 6
  • Wall penetration: high

The most expensive and most popular revolver in the game, capable of killing an enemy with one precise shot to the head. It takes a long time to cock, is slow to reload, and suffers from strong recoil.

Submachine guns

Submachine guns are more powerful and faster than pistols, but not quite as good as machine guns. A compromise solution at a low price for combat at medium and close distances.

STINGER submachine gun

  • Magazine capacity: 20
  • Wall penetration: low

In the main firing mode, it fires automatically with a small spread and a speed of up to 18 rounds per second; in the aimed mode, it fires in bursts of four rounds with increased accuracy. It costs only 200 credits more than a revolver.

SPECTRE submachine gun

  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Wall penetration: average

SMG with more damage and at a higher price. It fires continuously in the main mode and the aimed mode, but it is recommended to fire in bursts due to the increasing vertical recoil.


This type of weapon is the best remedy for anything that suddenly jumps out from around the corner in front of you. These guns are only suitable for close combat.

Semi-automatic shotgun BUCKY

  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Wall penetration: low

A powerful five-charger with a very low cost. Fires fifteen pellets in one shot. In the alternative mode, it allows you to shoot while jumping with the same accuracy as if you were standing still.

Automatic shotgun JUDGE

  • Magazine capacity: 7
  • Wall penetration: average

An expensive alternative with a high rate of fire but less damage. It fires twelve pellets and is capable of killing at a rate of up to 3.5 shots per second. Slightly less demanding on the range than its brother.

Automatic rifles

The main striking argument in Valorant. Most weapons of this class do not lose damage even at the highest distances.


  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Wall penetration: average

A silenced rifle with the highest rate of fire among its brothers. The only representative of automatic weapons that become less effective over a long distance. The optimal distance for shooting is considered to be up to 15 meters.


  • Magazine capacity: 25
  • Wall penetration: average

AK-47 in the world of Valorant. The most popular and expensive rifle in the game. It performs excellently at any distance, and a hit to the head kills the enemy immediately. When firing for a long time, the gun resolutely moves upward.

Sniper rifles

The optimal weapon for the lucky owners of lightning-fast reactions. Ideal for ambushes and holding positions from afar.

Sniper rifle OPERATOR

  • Magazine capacity: 5
  • Wall penetration: high

The most expensive and deadliest weapon in Valorant. The low rate of fire and weight are compensated by enormous damage, guaranteeing a fatal result when hitting an enemy equipped with even a heavy shield from any distance.

Machine guns

Good old heavyweights, capable of scattering to the wind everything that is not lucky enough to be under their unstable crosshairs, as well as breaking through any walls and armor.

ODIN machine gun

  • Magazine capacity: 100
  • Wall penetration: high

The second most expensive weapon in the game. Deals huge damage at medium range. Allows continuous barrage fire. Like its younger classmate, it suffers from recoil and accelerates as it fires, but is significantly superior in rate of fire and power.

And finally, a few words about the favorite weapon of all professional assassins – a tactical knife, which is given by default and which cannot be thrown away. In the standard mode, the attacker delivers three quick cutting blows with the blade, in the alternative mode – a powerful stabbing blow. The knife causes double damage when attacked from behind and makes it easier for characters to move.

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