Valentines Day For Everyone

Whether you’re single, have been married for forty years, newlyweds, engaged or just started seeing someone, Valentine’s Day is something that is hard to miss. As soon as Christmas is over, the red hearts, chocolates and teddy bears start to fill the shelves and get some people very excited while others end up feeling a little depressed. But say, this year you try and forget that it’s Valentine’s day, a day to celebrate romantic love and change it. How about you turn it to celebrating love in general? It can be love for your partner if you have one, but if not, don’t be down about it, don’t go to some anti-valentines event or a singles event to try and find someone, celebrate all the love you are surrounded by in your life from your friends and family. There’s no other day dedicated to that either, a day to celebrate Love; make it a beautiful day for everyone and anyone.

Valentines Day doesn’t need to be about flowers and chocolates either, make it anything you want it to be, something you would enjoy with your friends or family. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Learn Something New

Not only will you gain a new skill and make memories, but learning something with your partner, friends or family is a great way to spend quality time with someone, it’s great for bonding with someone too. You could learn about wine-tasting or discover how those delicious Valentine’s Day truffles get made in a chocolatier class? Try flower arranging – something fun that you can do with someone and enjoy yourself! Or, even better and more to the point, try something not related to chocolates, flowers, and romance. Learn Archery, cocktail making, dancing, an art class or even go hula hooping. The choices are endless and so much fun!

Go Outdoors

Remember, it’s not about being romantic, it’s about having fun with someone you love. Get your adrenaline pumping by doing some outdoor activity; you could go climbing, kayaking, or horse riding or go-karting. You won’t find any of those very lovey-dovey couples there either.

Beach It

While the weather might not be great, there is always fun to be had on the beach. Not everyone lives right near a beach, so it makes for a great day out, even in the cold, sandcastles can still be built, walks can always be had, kites can always be flown! There are also some stunning places to see which that in itself can be a lovely day with the ones you love.

Dress Up

No, not in fancy dress, but your best clothes. Even if you don’t have a ‘date’ with a potential romantic partner, there is no reason why you can’t dress up, look nice and feel special. Go somewhere where you have to dress smart and do something fancy. It’s nice to make an effort and go somewhere different than the local pub from time to time. It doesn’t matter if it’s you and your Mum or you and a group of mates, spruce yourself up, and you’ll feel great!


Here’s an odd one, but good for either a date or fun with anyone…ever tried a rage room? You go and pay to smash things up. It will get rid of any pent-up anger and stress, it is great fun to have with anyone and makes you feel fab. Plus, if you are angry with an ex or about being single on valentines day, then go and get rid of the rage this way. Similarly, venues are popping up all over for axe throwing which is another fun way to de-stress too.

There are so many choices out there if you feel you want to do something, but at the same time don’t feel any pressure to do anything. Valentines Day can put pressure on both couples and single people, and it really shouldn’t have that effect. If you want to do something like any other Thursday night, then go for it but if you don’t, then don’t. Remember though, if, like any other Thursday night you want to go out for dinner, the restaurant will probably have some Valentine’s menu on, all the tables will be split into tables of two. But for any other activity should be just a typical day, but hopefully, one where people are particularly friendly to each other and celebrating love and friendship too. Don’t forget the gifts either, whether it’s for your friend or partner, gifts for her, gifts for them, gifts for everyone – it’s a nice day to celebrate the ones you love.