Travel Tips for the Gadget Girl

Planning a holiday summer vacation all across Europe? Or perhaps you want to see the Seven Wonders of the World, or is it eleven now? As women we tend to forget the minor yet important details. That’s why we thought we would think ahead for you and give you great girls the best travelling tips, ones you will always remember because they are so awesome! Our travel editor parted with her best kept travelling secrets, and yes, you could look at this like the secret sisterhood of the travelling pants, except we are slightly less invasive and way more helpful than a feel good teen movie! 

Download Apps for the Road 

When you are travelling far you need to keep in mind the road can be a long one. Download applications to keep you entertained. For example, eBooks can be downloaded to your tablet or portable device, giving you access to your favourite authors on the move. Instead of schlepping extra weight on a plane rather reserved for gifts, skip the paperbacks and go digital. 

Gaming is another trend for the modern girl, especially if you are a gadget girl. NoviBet provides the perfect platform for girls who game. Enjoy a wide variety of games to take on holiday with you to pass travelling time or to get out of awkward conversations by looking busy, you never know!

Safety applications are something you most definitely need to download. There are apps for both Android and iOS users which alert family and friends as to your whereabouts and keep track of all your activities. If you are planning a hiking vacation, this is something you will most certainly need. 

If you are going hiking, you will need a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. You can buy these devices which offer you cellular rage for up to 48 hours. Make sure these banks are charged. 

Power Up Fashionista

Do not forget your power banks at home girls! You will need these to boost up your cellular devices, mobile cameras, smart watches and Wi-Fi gadgets as mentioned above. 

These Boots Are Made for Walking 

Don’t forget to pack your walking boots in, especially if you think you don’t need them. Walking around, hiking and even hitting markets tend to be tiresome on the little piglets on their way to the markets. So make sure you don’t walk 500 miles without the right shoes. 

Mapping Out 

Get your mapping system worked out before you go. Download Google Maps to help you find your way to the closest restaurants, bars, clubs, bookstores and malls. You can travel by foot or determine how long it would take you using public transport. Plan your trip, but keep Google Maps as an emergency exit and keep it downloaded to your mobile for fast access. 

Being a lone traveller abroad is incredibly rewarding, it is an experience that allows you to reconnect with you, but be sure you plan your holiday safely and with all possible outcomes played in your head. Rather safe than sorry as we say!