Touring the Sports Arenas of Toronto

Sports bring something to the table that no other event can.  Not only do you get to connect with other fans, but you also get the chance to enjoy shouting along and cheering as your team works hard to succeed.

Whether you’re new to the area or just want to get to know your hometown a little better- these are the sports arenas to know in Toronto.

Rogers Centre

This ballpark in downtown Toronto is a fantastic place to get out in the open air and enjoy an awesome game of baseball.  The arena is massive, with enough room to sit tens of thousands of people, so the energy is electric when the games get good.

Although the food and concessions are expensive, the seating ensures you have a great view, and the parking available is well organized, so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a massive pileup on the way out of the game.

Scotiabank Arena

Scotiabank Arena is a fantastic place to watch hockey.  The massive rink, and active fanbases, ensure that you can shout along regardless of how the game is going.  Although it does get cold, enough cheering and shouting can warm anyone up!  Games here are the most expensive on the list and do sell out quickly since this is an NHL stadium.  Make sure to get your tickets the moment you’re set on going!

Lamport Stadium

At home in Old Toronto, Lamport Stadium is a fantastic place to watch a large array of sports.  Best known for its football/soccer clubs, and the highly competitive energy from them, you can enjoy the fresh air and a great view of the city while watching teams compete.  Although the stadium is viewed as basic, it does everything that’s needed so that the teams can have their best shot at winning.

BMO Field

If you love lacrosse, soccer, or track and field, BMO Field is the best place to watch an event.  This stadium is a fan favorite, with the second-highest ranking in the province, and a lot of people saying they look forward to coming out every game.  Although it’s an outdoor arena, there’s still plenty of cover and shade from sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about burning out in the heat.  

The games here get extremely spirited, so bring some water and get ready to shout along with the crowd.  

Exhibition Place

If you’re ever downtown looking at homes for sale in Toronto, stop and take a lot at Exhibition Place.  This gorgeous stadium doubles as an event space for festivals, which means there’s always something to see and do here!  These grounds are massive, making them perfect for any event and entertainment and ensuring that if you live in the area, you never get bored.  

Toronto’s Teams Are Incredible

Toronto is an amazing city with a lot going for it, and the eBay of all is its sports teams!  If you have some extra time and want to target the most out of living in Hog Town, consider visiting one of these stadiums and arenas soon!

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