Tired of Boring Watch Straps? Check Out These Radical Alternatives!

Watches are one of the most timeless accessories in the world, as they’re not only practical but also look nice and can help elevate any outfit.

When you’re in formal dress, having a watch at your wrist adds an additional layer of elegance, while in a casual outfit, it provides an understated sophistication that makes you look like you’ve dressed up even when you haven’t. And although it might sound funny, watches allow you to be more polite. Just think about it, if you’re in a place where you can’t take out your phone comfortably, such as in a theatre or during dinner at a restaurant, wearing a watch allows you to check the time without having to worry about disturbing or offending others. 

However, because watches are so commonplace, many models can leave the sphere of the classic and appear bland and boring to you. That doesn’t mean you should give up on wearing a watch, only that you might have to do a bit more digging around to discover something you like. Here are some fashionable watch strap designs you can consider to make your outfits significantly more fashion-forward. 

Smooth leather straps 

This classic design comes in various colours, offering a timeless look with a dash of something new. If you want to pick something to go along with the warmer season, you can choose between a wide array of shades of yellow, green and purple, sky blue and bold red, in case you want your accessories to really stand out. 


Printed designs are very fashionable, as the distinct style is particularly eye-catching. You can choose from several options, such as a green leather watch strap in an alligator print. With matching stitching, this strap is the perfect addition to any watch. And don’t be concerned that the bold green shade will be difficult to include in an outfit or that it might clash with the chromatics. It is actually surprisingly versatile. 


When you create an outfit, the colours and materials aren’t the only important aspects. Although frequently overlooked, textures are just as crucial. A naturally textured strap is the best option if you prefer subtle detailing. Depending on the tones you prefer, you can find a watch strap to fit all styling requirements. 


If you lead a plant-based lifestyle, you want all your products to have no traces of animal products. Luckily, there’s a wide range of vegan watch straps available on the market, made from plant-based leather and even stainless steel. Cork leather is one of the most popular substitutes, well-known for being water-resistant, highly durable, able to withstand considerable wear and tear, and comfortable to wear. Other innovative vegan leather options include fruit waste, pineapple leaves as well as recycled materials. 


Also known as corvette straps, these leather bracelets are designed to accommodate elegant and delicate cocktail watches. If you’re looking for something to accommodate a more formal watch that you wear during special events, the cocktail straps are the best option, as they can provide any look with a luxurious, art deco look. 

If you want to boost your accessories, there’s no better way to do it than choosing a stylish and vibrant watch strap that’ll stand out.