Tips for staying fit when you’re short on time

When life gets busy and you’re short on time, working out can be all too easy to cut out as other things get prioritised. Though it isn’t always easy, keeping up with workouts and fitness in general provides significant benefits, and even when you have a very busy schedule, it is worth making it a priority. After all, it will help you feel healthier and energized to keep up with the rest of your schedule. 

So for when you don’t have much time to train and be active, here are some tips to ensure you still stay fit and healthy: 

  • A short workout is better than no workout

You can still get in an effective workout in 10 minutes, and remember that a short workout is better than no workout. There are types of training, such as high intensity interval training, that are actually created to get your heart rate up and give you an effective workout in a short amount of time. You can find short workout circuits and routines on fitness apps, such as the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app, and select the workouts that fit your schedule and fitness goals. 

  • Maximize daily activities

Think of the activities that you do every day, such as brushing your teeth. You can maximize your daily activities by tacking on some physical activity to them. For example, when you brush your teeth you can do calf raises and when you make phone calls for work or to catch up with family or friends you can go for a walk. 

  • Move around whenever you can 

Today’s traditional work environment especially is primarily a sedentary lifestyle. So especially if this rings true for you, move around whenever you can. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, get a standing desk, park at the far end of a parking lot, take walk breaks, etc. 

  • Walk to places when you can

For many people, it is a developed habit to drive or take some type of transportation to get where they need to go. But if you walk to places when you can, you can get activity in just to get where you need to go. 

  • Don’t miss out on sleep

Even if you are eating healthy and exercising, if you are not getting quality sleep, your body does not have the time to rest and recover as it needs. Just about anyone who leads a healthy lifestyle will say that sleep is just as important, if not more important, than intense workouts or eating healthy as often as possible.  

  • Schedule your workouts early in the morning

When you get your workout in during the morning, you avoid having the excuse of ‘being too tired’ later in the day. So start your day off on the right foot by scheduling your workouts early in the morning and getting them done! 

  • Eat healthy and make healthy choices

Making healthy choices and eating healthy makes all the difference for staying fit. You can work out consistently, but without supporting your body with the proper nutrition, you won’t see as drastic of results and feel quite as good. So nourish your body and feel the benefits of more energy and feeling better overall. 

  • Exercise in line 

You might be wondering, why would I exercise in line? But why wouldn’t you? What do you usually do while waiting.. scroll through your phone or chat with those nearby? Why not add in a bit of exercise by doing  some stretching, calf raises, or arm circles. You just might encourage others to do the same if you show other people just how easy it is to incorporate healthy practices into the simplest of things, including standing in line. 

A large part of being fit is making healthy choices and having a healthy lifestyle, but moreover making it sustainable. Be realistic about what makes you feel good and what you can incorporate into your daily life.