The Ultimate Guide To Trade Shows

If you have recently launched your very own fashion, music or creative startup, the chances are that your freelancing days are sporadic. Being freelance means some busy days working all hours under the sun to complete a project, and other days doing very little waiting for the next client to come knocking.

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To make your work life more consistent and help negate the worry of when your next paycheck will come in, you need to become more visible. It needs to be your name that clients think of in the first instance when they need their marketing strategy honed or their fashion blog updated. Take a look at why a trade show could be the tool to help get your business noticed.


The pitch that you have at a trade show will be small. The organizers of these events are always keen to squeeze in as many startups, suppliers and companies as they can. Your booth may be tiny, so it needs to pack a punch to attract people to it. Get yourself some top quality promotional materials such as banners and flyers, and flood your stall with your branding. Whip up your logo, your website and your social media links. Have a laptop sat on any table you may have and utilize SlideProof and ProductivityPlus to create an engaging Powerpoint slideshow that can be played on a loop. This is perfect if a crowd forms at your stall and you are chatting to potential clients. A presentation is the perfect way to hold their attention and ensure that they don’t go elsewhere.

Deals On The Day

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To try and secure business there and then, you need to be offering a deal. This could be a percentage off of your hourly rate, a package deal of what your services include or you might offer money off a service if a client follows you on social media and leaves a review of your freelancing abilities. All too often, people will appear interested at your stall but will be unwilling to part with their cash there and then. It’s up to you to secure a sale in the moment by offering an incentive. Show off your work on your stall to demonstrate your abilities, and ensure that you are dressed appropriately, have had a haircut, and are ready to enthuse everyone who passes about your startup.


While nothing more than a gimmick, you’d be surprised at just how much business a free mouse pad or keyring can generate. Rather than thinking about freebies as a way of generating a sale, think of them as free marketing. People who take one of your freebie goody bags are taking merchandise away and displaying your website and logo across the rest of the trade show wherever they choose to walk. Think outside of the box a little bit and forget the pencil topper. If you are a fashion blogger, give away a branded hanger. If you work in the music industry, consider some branded vinyl coasters.

Trade shows are perfect vehicles to market your product or service. If you make the most of your pitch, you can make your freelancing business more visible and more profitable.

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