The Gentleman’s Guide To Looking Sharp At A Wedding

It’s officially wedding season, and if your diary is already packed with invitations to various celebrations – your thoughts will already be on your attire. Weddings are a time to get suited and booted and show off your style, so don’t waste the opportunity to show off your fashion credentials.

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While you don’t want to outshine the bride and groom, you can still look the part at every wedding you attend this season with this gentleman’s guide to looking sharp.

Invest in a high-quality suit

A high-quality suit is important to look the part at a wedding and is something that is worth the investment if you want it to last. If your budget allows, get a bespoke suit made, as this will ensure the perfect fit and the best quality – keeping your suit a lasting part of your wardrobe that you can pull out again and again for different occasions.

If you’re on a budget, there are certainly options available to you, with affordable tailoring on the rise in the UK. If you have multiple weddings close together, you might wish to invest in a couple of suits to see you through between dry cleans. As well as your suit, make sure you pick up a selection of shirts and ties to complete the look.

Visit a tailor

If your suit isn’t bespoke, you can still achieve that high-quality look by visiting a tailor. A tailor will give your suit the best fit possible, which will instantly make it look more expensive. Tailoring can fix problems such as arms and legs that are too long, while also helping to achieve a closer fit to highlight your physique. If you’re unsure of what size to buy your suit, you can always err on the side of caution and go a size up to ensure the best-tailored fit. To look good in a suit, it has to fit you correctly.

Pay attention to the dress code

Paying attention to the dress code for a wedding is important – you don’t want to get it wrong. It will also help serve as a guide for what to wear. Find out what the wedding dress code is and make sure that you dress accordingly. A black tie wedding will involve a tux, while a summer outdoor wedding or wedding abroad might call for more relaxed attire. If the invite doesn’t reveal anything about the dress code, a smart suit is always a reliable option – especially if the wedding ceremony is taking place in a church.

Add accessories

Accessories can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your wedding look, without taking things overboard. Learn how to fold a pocket square to sharpen up your suit and choose ties, socks, and shoes that add some of your personality into the mix. Mixing up your accessories can keep your wedding look fresh, which is important if you’re going to be attending several weddings this season.

On the day grooming

On the day of the wedding, make sure that all of your outfit is pristine. If you can, get your suits dry cleaned as near to the wedding as possible so that you don’t have to iron anything on the morning of the wedding (something that’s never ideal when you’re staying in a hotel!). Make sure that your shoes are polished and that your garments are free from hairs and fluff for a crisp, sharp look.

Make sure you thoroughly cleanse and moisturise your face the morning of the wedding, to wake up tired looking skin and erase traces of any pre-wedding drinks you had the night before. If you can, go for the clean shaven look or at least make sure your facial hair is trimmed and in control. The Braun Series 9 razor is a great choice for tackling a range of shaving tasks. Meanwhile, make sure your hair is done and use products that will help keep it in place all day.

Coping in the heat

Summer weddings can get very hot, and it can be difficult to stay cool when you’re wearing a suit. Try to keep your jacket on for as long as possible, and you can usually remove it for the wedding reception. A good way to judge the best time to take off your jacket is to keep an eye on the groom for when he removes his own. Wear antiperspirant and put some sun protection on your face and neck to stop you getting burnt in time for the wedding photos. While you’ll most likely be sipping on champagne and pre-reception beers, try to stay hydrated by drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Wedding season is a great time of year, and with the right tips, you can look nail the look at every occasion. Keep it simple, but keep it sharp and you’ll easily be the best-dressed guest there.

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