The Dad Sneaker trend- shopping guide and styling tips

The ‘Dad Sneaker’ – an unexpected, ugly, but well-loved trend that made its true appearance with the 2013 Ozweego, an Adidas by Raf Simons sneaker. Since then, it has been reimagined and made significant momentum as all major shoe companies have gotten on board. The ‘dad sneaker’ is not worn just by dads, but by everyone and we are seeing these chunky shoes everywhere, from the runway to street style. 

The Dad Sneaker trend- shopping guide and styling tips
The Dad Sneaker trend- shopping guide and styling tips

Shopping guide:

The pair by Balenciaga is among the most loved on the market – and actually it transformed the fashion sneaker market altogether. When the Triple S style first showed on the runway, many thought of it more as a showpiece. But it sparked the re-worked ‘dad sneaker’ trend in an entirely new fashionable way. The shoe that many considered ‘ugly’ and clunky all of a sudden became “fashionable” and “chic” overnight.

When buying a pair of ‘dad sneakers’, you’ll find plenty of options at luxury stores and online. For example, the website Luisaviaroma carries a lot of top designer brands, including a large selection of Balenciaga women’s sneakers. If it is your first pair, it is recommended to start out with a white or neutral color. This makes them easy to pair with the rest of your wardrobe and see just how you wear your kicks.

Once you get a feel for playing around with styling with them, you can venture out into different colors and styles. Trends are fun to try out and be a part of, and you can do so to any extent you’d like! 

The Dad Sneaker trend- shopping guide and styling tips

Styling tips:

‘Dad sneakers’ are both functional and conventionally ‘unfashionable’, so this trend is a great one to have fun with and show your own personal style. 

  • For a tailored look on an evening out, go for a black pair of ‘dad’ kicks. It’s a great way to participate in the trend, but also to pair them well with your wardrobe and make them feel a bit fancier. 
  • Pair a suit with a pair of chunky kicks for an unexpected pairing. Especially if you work in a creative or fashion-forward environment, this styling is a great go-to. 
  • For a seamless look, coordinate the color of your shoes with your outfit. 
  • Pair a neutral or white pair of ‘dad shoes’ with a classic outfit for a ‘touch’ of trend.  
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, pair a bright pair of kicks with a neutral outfit.
  • For an evening out with friends, throw on a mini or midi-dress and a pair of chunky sneakers for a balanced outfit.  
  • Upgrade that classic ‘everyday outfit’ of jeans and a tee with a pair of dad sneakers. 

The ‘Dad sneaker’ trend does not look to be slowing down any time soon. On social media we see influencers, celebrities and all happily sporting their kicks. Apart from the aesthetics of the shoe, it also is in full swing with the cultural conversations going on, as traditional gender lines are being actively blurred during this #MeToo movement, and as there is an uncertain political climate. The ‘dad sneaker’ may be a fashion trend, but it also so much more than that.