The Captured bird by Jovanka Vuckovic

The Captured BirdDo you have a fav movie director?
Like most cinephiles, I can’t pick just one. Off the top of my head there are the obvious ones: Bergman, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Fellini, Truffaut, Bunuel, Gilliam, but I also equally love work from directors such as Ridely Scott (Blade Runner is my favourite film of all time), John Carpenter, Werner Herzog, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Sam Peckinpah, Micheal Haneke, Gaspar Noe, Nacho Cerda, Takashi Miike, Lucio Fulci, Lucky McKee and obviously Guillermo del Toro. I mean, I can go on all day.

Are you a fan of the classic children’s fairytales?
Definitely. This story is more inspired by the literature I read growing up. I wanted to write a gruesome fairy tale with my own very personal demons in the starring role.

In this way The Captured Bird has more in common with stories such as The Steadfast Tin Soldier, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves or Heinrich Hoffmann’s Der Struwelpeter than it does any modern horror film.

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Do you think the Brothers Grimm tales were a way of scaring children into learning morals?
That’s exactly what they were: didactic tales. The original versions of these stories usually involve some destructive force punishing the children for wrongdoing. I tried to model The Captured Bird on this principle.

Do you plan to make a feature length film after this?
Yes, I’m going to start writing as soon as The Captured Bird is in the can. I’m really busy with my new baby and writing books so I have to manage my time really closely. When the baby is a little older, it will be much easier for me to have access to the time required to write and direct a feature film.

For the moment, I can barely get any sleep, nevermind make a movie. I guess this is part of the reason why there are so few female filmmakers. It’s much easier for a man to walk away from his children for months on end to make movies, Mothers can’t – or rather, shouldn’t – do that in my opinion.

It’s important to breastfeed as long the baby needs and what mother would want to leave their infant with someone else during such formative years? For me, there is no question what comes first: it will always be Violet.

ZombiesWill you be getting a Captured Bird tattoo?
I wasn’t planning on it but if someone wants to donate ten grand to the production, I’d happily get a Captured Bird tattoo as a publicity stunt. Some people sell their blood to get their films made, I suppose I’ll sell my skin if someone paid me to do it. [Laughs].

I have a book coming out this month, my first non-fiction genre tome.

It’s called Zombies! An Illustrated History of the Undead and it’s from St. Martin’s Press. If you’re into zombies, you’ll probably enjoy digging into this book.

It covers film to comic books, literature, video games, music, zombie walks and more.

I’m currently working on more genre-related and subculture books – I can’t stop writing. It’s in my blood.

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