Superbloom (Milan Design Week 2022)

The great thing about Milan Design Week is that unlike the Fashion weeks (where there are pockets of excitement) Design Week is all-encompassing, enveloping the entire city with vibrancy and excitement.

There are parties and events EVERYWHERE and it’s impossible to even scratch the surface in terms of covering events. I was lucky enough to attend a few good ones this time around, including a very cool sensory-filled exhibition by Californian design agency RIOS, called Superbloom.

Consisting of three spaces the inspiration is taken from native Californian wildflowers and fauna expanded into multi-coloured installations. The colours shift from deep to bright, dappled sounds will fade into a wild field, and scents will be aromatic, woody, and fresh. There is also a very nice piece of furniture ‘Rio Benches’, designed in collaboration with Janus et Cie, unfortunately, a tropical-like downpour limits the outdoor experience somewhat, but there is even a soundtrack to the evening (listen below) pumped discreetly through some wonderful free-standing Syng speakers (see above pic).

Apparently, RIOS made their name creating a Barista friendly coffee cup designed to ergonomic perfection, so it seems fitting they are here with Superbloom in the heart of Milan.

For More info visit Superbloom.