Sponsored Video: Rise & Slide in London Kings X with Lipton Ice Tea

Britain in the Summer time is a great place to be, the only problem is it’s over too quick. Just as we start happily moaning about the heat, planning air-con installations, buying fridges with ice cube dispensers (I’ve always wanted one anyway) and perusing convertible cars the next thing you know we’re back under the covers with the heating on full blast and Downtown Abbey/ Mr Selfridge/ Foyles War on the iPlayer wondering what to get Nanny for Christmas.

Anyway, this Summer, Lipton Ice Tea have embraced our fleeting moments of sunshine by building London’s first ever 100m water-slide next to the train station in King’s Cross. As you can see from the video, commuters not normally known for their early morning sense of fun have been lapping up the opportunity to have a go (and free drinks) with the sort of enthusiasm usually reserved for activities involving alcohol or some other legal stimulant(s).

It fits in nicely with the Lipton Ice Tea philosophy of ‘Everyday twists that deliver a taste of the Brightside!’ although technically the water-slide looks pretty straight to me.

Personally I think they should be applauded for making the world a better place and I’m hoping it will inspire more companies to help the morning commute become that bit more bearable. In case any of them are reading this, here’s a few potential ideas for inspiration.

1: ‘Swedish Sauna and Massage’ outside Deptford Bridge DLR, (potential sponsors – IKEA or Volvo)
2: ‘Bed tubes’? – Special underground trains converted into bedrooms allowing commuters to have a longer lie-in (potential sponsors – Bensons for Beds or Silentnight?).
3: ‘Shirt Swap Shop’ situated next to Hammersmith Tube. No time to iron a clean shirt in the morning? Just wear an old one and replace it en route with a crisp clean (courtesy of Sketchley Dry Cleaners?)

Anyway, these are just off the top of my head, I’ve got more.. just get in touch if you’re interested =].

Lipton Tea Slide

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This video is sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea, but all thoughts are my own.