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Reebok ZPump Fusion

Technology. Does it really make our lives better? I know it’s primary role is to make things easier and quicker, but I seem to spend all the time I’ve saved using technology to make things quicker doing some other thing using technology that is supposed to save me some time too.

So potentially I have more time to do stuff, but in reality if I did nothing I would get more done. Er, I think that makes sense.

Thankfully, some advancements do genuinely seem to make a positive impact, Reebok first introduced pump technology into basketball shoes way back in 1989 and have been fine tuning the system ever since.

Now ZPump Fusion has arrived, featuring an air-filled cage that fits around the sides and top part of your foot. Once you activate the pump button on the side, air travels into the cage to give even greater support to the upper part of your foot and heel.

The design of the shoe has actually more in common with a sock and by using a 360 degree seamless fabric (The Fusion sleeve) the amount of air can be adjusted to suit your own personal requirements and the shape of your foot. Meanwhile the outsole takes design cues from ZRated tires, another Reebok innovation pioneered in 2004.

As you can see from the video they’re designed primarily for runners, however ZPump Fusion are also available in a range of customisable designs, offering the wearer comfort, control and creativity. Who knows, they might even save time too.

For more info visit Reeboks website here

This post has been sponsored by Reebok ZPump Fusion, but all thoughts are my own.