Sponsored Video: Pepsi Max – Genius. #LiveForNow

Pepsi Max – Genius. #LiveForNow

Jumpers for goalposts, that’s what we had (if we were lucky).

When I was a kid we all used to meet up in the park near to my house after school for a game of footie. Usually there would be about 30 tearaways on each team and we’d make extra big goals (with jumpers) with two keepers in each one. Sometimes we’d play ‘School football team against the rest’, inevitably ‘the rest’ (me included) would usually win with brute force gaining an upper hand on skill. Games became epic battles lasting until the darkness made it impossible to continue. Survival of the fittest and scores of 45-44 were commonplace.

So when I see this video to promote Pepsi Max first off – I’m pretty impressed by the light show. I reckon having a kick-around on this amazing arena would beat the balding dustbowl we had as a ‘pitch’ hands down. Apparently they used 30,000 programmable LED lights to create the effects and the result is mesmerisingly futuristic. One thing I particularly like is the drone referee, not that we ever had any sort of referee but I think it could be the future. Any contentious decisions could be solved by a quick laser blast to the offending player meaning instant dismissal and obliteration into a million pieces.

 Pepsi Max – Genius. #LiveForNow

The only problem I have with this video is its location, I’m wondering why they decided to set it up in Barcelona? After all, their team is already good enough. If anyone from Pepsi does read this, there is a small piece of ground just outside Macclesfield that would be perfect for the next TV Ad. Just an idea anyway.


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This video is Sponsored by Pepsi Max, but all thoughts are my own.

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