Sponsored Video: MINI – The Fashion Field Notes Collection

I once read that Ferrari make more money from selling key rings, flags and t-shirts than they do from selling actual shiny red motor cars. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but one thing is for sure, when it comes to marketing a ‘brand’ the key to success is visibility.

Now when it comes to British car brands you can’t get much more iconic than MINI. Ever since the swinging 60’s MINI’s have been as British as fish & Chips, Red telephone boxes and The Beatles. The car was a film star in The Italian Job and the MINI Coooper S was a genuine Monte Carlo Rally Winner.

Ok, so I know what you’re thinking and I do realise MINI is now owned by a German company, but give them credit, after a lull in popularity and a spell out of production BMW have successfully re-established the car as a fashion icon once again.

MINI’s are cool, fun and full of personality so it seems fitting that together with the WoolMark company, MINI have commissioned a series of 16 garments by 4 up-and-coming designers from the UK, China, USA and Germany (above) to realise their own personal interpretations from the finest Merino wool.

You can see the work in more detail in the video above

The concepts, like MINI are inspired by the urban traveller and the MINI Fashion Field Notes collection includes car coats, bucket hats, woven wool sweaters and pastel colour sleeveless knitted jumpsuits. There’s even a crocheted shawl that doubles as a travel rug.

The collection was recently unveiled at the world famous Pitti Immagine fashion festival in Italy and will be available to purchase from the Autumn. One thing is for sure, whatever your taste in fashion, these designs will certainly increase your visibility!

This video feature is sponsored by MINI but all thoughts are my own.