Sponsored Video: McDonalds presents.. Channel Us

The rise of the Vlogger in recent years has been meteoric. Names like Danisnotonfire, DanTDM and Louise Glitter are the new pop stars of the internet and they’re also making a pretty good living in the process.

My daughter is a big fan of Miranda, not the UK one, but the deranged, stroppy lipstick-ed American character played by Colleen Ballinger Evans. To me the appeal is a bit mystifying but then, I’m not a 9 year old girl. She has millions of subscribers and there’s even talk of a Miranda Movie in the pipeline directed by David Fincher (I was joking about David Fincher bit).

I think it’s cool that people don’t really need much money or help to create a YouTube channel and get their stuff out there, but like anything else to be successful you still need to be good at what you do. That brings me on to McDonalds, not content with selling millions of burgers every day, they’re about to launch a new YouTube channel called ‘Channel Us’ (see above). Their idea is to work with some of the top Vloggers in the land on a series of videos covering a wide range of activities including Sport, Travel, Science, Music and even Comedy.


The channel will be aimed at 16-24 year olds and hosted by Youtube superstars, Oli White and Gabriella Lindley, so it could be a good opportunity to get out your video camera and get yourself noticed, just remember to take the lens cap off first.

Find out more on Channel US on YouTube HERE >

This video is sponsored by McDonalds but all thoughts are my own.