Sponsored Video: Laughing Cow ‘The Seven Flavours of Crave’

Laughing Cow Mini Cravings

Have you ever been aroused by food?

There’s more than a hint of erotic desire and a cheeky wink to ’50 shades of Grey’ in this video for ‘Mini Cravings’, the brand new creamy cheese, bite-sized cubes made by the delightfully named Laughing Cow. They’re best known in the UK for Laughing Cow Triangles and Dip & Crunch range and over 10 million portions are eaten every day around the world (that’s one big lot of cheese).

By the look of things the amorous young lady in the Ad has embarked on a tempestuous affair that defies all normal relationship characteristics, but hey-ho, she seems happy enough with the arrangement, so who are we to question the non-conventional set-up?

Anyway, back to the cheese, ‘Mini Cravings’ come in three new flavour varieties. Firstly you have the original, then a seductively sexy herb-y one starring ‘Ham & Herb’, ‘Three Cheese’ and ‘Garlic & Herb’, and lastly a highly erogenous cheese variety featuring classic ‘Cheddar’, ‘Smoked Cheese’ and ‘Blue Cheese’. I don’t know about you, but just thinking about those different combinations of naughty yellow cubes is enough to get me hot under the collar (fromage a trois anyone?).

For cheese lovers who are watching their weight the news on ‘Mini Cravings’ is good. At just 14 calories per cube, you can splurge out in a marathon cheese love-in without piling on the pounds. No wonder the Cow is laughing.

For more info visit the Laughing Cow website HERE

This video is sponsored by Laughing Cow, but all thoughts are my own.