Sponsored Video: Genesis presents “Dog”

The new G90 from South Korean manufacturer Genesis has been being quietly raising eyebrows in the States since its recent launch.

Designed by one of the most famous living car designers in the world, Peter Schreyer, the man (in black) responsible for many iconic car designs of the last 20 years; Audi TT, the new VW Beetle and virtually all new Kia cars since 2010 have all been ‘Schreyered’ and his talents, especially with Lamborghini, VW and now Genesis have been immaculately conceptualised.

The G90’s 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 (365 HP), 8-speed automatic transmission with SHIFTRONIC certainly has power and sophistication in abundance, but if you then add Nappa leather seats, a Lexicon 17-speaker sound system, heads-up display, not too mention lane assist, multi view camera and auto emergency breaking you start to get a picture of just the sort of car you are getting for your money.

Perhaps that is why in their latest video (above) it is being driven to take the movie star actresses / it girl and her annoying little pooch (I can’t stand those things!!) to the Hollywood party in style. Luckily the proud chauffeur manages to avoid any spillages en-route and when they arrive in front of the lenses unscathed, nobody is more ‘relieved’ than the little dog.

Interestingly the video stars Elle Evans, who you might recognise from Robin Thicket & Pharrell’s “Blurred Lines“ video, something that the Genesis G90’s Lane Keep Assist feature may just help you avoid.

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The video is sponsored by Genesis but all thoughts are my own.