Sponsored Video: Cathay Pacific #lifewelltravelled

Have you ever flown business or first class on an airline?

To us ‘normal’ people pottering around airports, the doors of an executive lounge can feel like a mysterious gateway to a world of unknown pleasure. Through the smoked glass doors we imagine a Babylonian garden paradise with gourmet delectations and champagne served by perfect specimens of human extraction (not to mention unbridled free Wi-Fi).

In reality though the Executive lounge experience can be very different. Through my travelling with Flush the Fashion I’ve experienced life on the ‘other side of the door’ several times, and to be honest where there are exceptions in most cases I’ve been spectacularly underwhelmed by the facilities on offer.

However, good news is here. If you watch the video (above) you’ll see Cathay Pacific are seeking to redefine the Executive lounge experience to a higher level of consciousness.

They’ve worked with London based design studio Studioisle at Tokyo International Airport Haneda to really think about what people need from an Executive lounge and how it can enhance and be a positive part of the journey, not just a glorified waiting room.

As Ilse Crawford mentions in the video, airports can be alienating places for the lone traveller, so Cathay Pacific have sought to bring the living room back and create a place where people can feel truly relaxed before their flight.

The details are not something you can easily put your finger on, but they do make a big difference to the whole travelling experience.

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This video is sponsored by Cathay Pacific but all thoughts are my own.