Why Smokers Need to Switch to Vaping ASAP

If you’re a cigarette smoker, then you may have noticed more and more of your friends that you typically smoke with are not around as much as they have been in the past.

Thanks to the rise of vaping, what seemed like just another ‘trend of the month’ has stuck around for years now, and is spreading across the smoking community like wildfire.

Vaping sounds and looks to be similar to smoking, but there’s a crucial difference that has seen this craze catch on. Utilising a gadget known as an e-cigarette, ‘vapers’ as they are known simply press a button and inhale a mixture of flavoured vapour and nicotine, which satisfies one’s craving without the harmful toxins that go into regular cigarettes.
Without these chemicals billowing forth every time you light up, you’re likely to see the quality of your social life greatly improve.

The first reason is that quite simply, non-smokers will find it far more tolerable to be in close proximity to you without the clouds of cigarette smoke present. All too often, smokers are ostracised far away from the group who don’t want to inhale such harmful clouds, whereas the vapour from e-cigarettes is harmless and will dissipate without any effect on those around you.

Secondly, the act of vaping requires far less hassle on the part of a user, unlike the hassle that comes with every cigarette. Instead of having to stop whatever you’re doing and venture outside regardless of the weather, vaping can be done near-instantaneously at just the push of a button. Whilst admittedly not permitted indoors at many public venues, many are more lenient when opposed to cigarette smoking, so it’s always worth asking to see if you can do so.

On top of the social factors, there is of course the health benefits that come with choosing e-cigarettes over regular cigarettes. By removing tobacco, tar, and similar ingredients from the process of taking in nicotine, your lungs will benefit immensely. The NHS has conducted various studies into the risks of vaping, and whilst there is always more research to be done, initial results have reported that vaping is 90% safer for users than orthodox smoking.

Aside from your lungs, there are numerous other elements of your health that will improve from turning away from cigarettes. Just on a cosmetic level, the damage that smoking does to your teeth and skin will be removed, and you should start to see a real difference not long after making the transition.

It therefore comes as no surprise that plenty of celebrities have been pictured vaping with an e-cig in hand, across all industries and from all walks of life. Johnny Deep, Leonardo Di Caprio, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are just a few of those who do so, which just goes to show the reach vaping has had on the social scene.

Overall, there’s really nothing a cigarette can boast that hasn’t been one-upped already by vaping. From both a health and social perspective, the e-cigarette has removed the stigma that has long been applied to smokers, and it’s even cheaper than having to constantly buy new packets of cigarettes as well. E-cigarettes in contrast do require an initial outlay to select your chosen model, of the many varieties for unique needs.

So long as you occasionally keep it topped up with the flavoured e-liquid needed to create the vapour, you won’t have to constantly think about where your next smoke will come from. This gives you more time to focus on what really matters, and is your ticket to personal and social success.