Reasons to Visit Bradford: The City of Film

Movie lover? If so, you should seriously consider a trip to Bradford this year, as this is often dubbed “The City of Film” due to its history in the industry and it is somewhere that is a popular choice for filming. In addition to its rich film history, Bradford is also a charming city due to its history and it is easy to hop on a train to Bradford to visit for a day or two. You could also visit some of the surrounding areas, such as Ilkley and Leeds to make more of your visit there.

Home to Film
Bradford has long been considered the home of film in the UK dating back as far as WW1. Many classic UK films have been shot in and around Bradford, such as Billy Liar, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life and The Railway Children. There are also many actors and directors from Bradford, including Tony Richardson, Natasha Richardson, Timothy West, Lord David Puttnam and Steve Abbott just as a few examples.

National Science & Media Museum
The National Science & Media Museum is also a must-visit with more than 3 million items of historical and cultural significance. This includes things such as the world’s earliest TV footage, the history behind the iconic Apollo 11 broadcast and the camera that made the first moving picture in the UK. Here you will also find an IMAX cinema showing the latest blockbusters, indie classics and family films.

Little Germany
You will also want to explore the picturesque area of Little Germany where you will find stunning neoclassical buildings. Little Germany is a popular filming spot with popular shows like Downton Abbey, Peaky Blinders and Gentleman Jack all filming scenes here. It feels like stepping back through time here and it is now a designated important historical conservation area.

St. George’s Hall
St. George’s Hall is a popular venue in Bradford that has recently been refurbed but still retains its Victorian charm. It is a cultural hotspot and there are always gigs and other cultural events here, so make sure that you check out what is on and book tickets in advance. A few big names that have performed here include David Bowie, Queen, Bryan Adams, Morrisey and Laura Marling.

If you are someone that is passionate about film, you will want to visit Bradford as this is considered the home of film in the UK. The above are a few of the main highlights that are worth checking out for film lovers, but it is also a great city to explore and there is a huge amount to see and do.

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