Reasons To Choose A Pick-Up Over An SUV

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, there are a few things to think about, not least the pros and cons of purchasing the type of vehicle you are looking for.

Pick-ups used to have a reputation as being trucks that were only used for trade purposes. Largely because of their ability to hold tools in the rear and the fact they were generally noisy and had a robust look to them – meaning that they were strictly classed as vehicles for industrial work only.

In recent times though, they are now seen in a different light and are viewed by some as family-friendly and pleasant cars that are versatile in their use. Here are 5 Real-Life Lessons About Pick Up Lease that might be interesting to know.

SUVs are very popular family cars but pick-ups are now able to rival the merits that they provide. They come with all of the interior comforts that you’d expect, such as air conditioning, heated seats and plenty of space in the rear seats. The bonus is that you get more than your regular boot space, meaning that the storage a pick-up provides and second to none.

As families change their needs over time, it’s extremely important to be able to find a vehicle that ticks a lot of the boxes. If you’re keen on driving cross country and taking equipment with you, then the load capacity will make the trip a breeze. Similarly, a pick-up can tow up to 3500 kg depending on the model you choose, which means you’ll be able to put more than your bicycles on the tow bar.

Pick-ups are competing with the SUV and cross over market, which means that they are making their vehicles more attractive to the average road user, as well as appealing to tradespeople who need their vehicle to work for a living, yet also have to use for their personal needs as well.

So why choose a pick-up?

Due to their flat load bed and heavy-duty suspension, most pick-ups have a maximum 1,000kg load capacity, meaning they can carry far more weight than pretty much any SUV. 

If you’re looking for towing power, then a pick-up will come in cheaper than an SUV capable of pulling the same weight.

It’s useful for both work and for family time at the weekend, cutting down on the expense of having a separate work and family vehicle.

You’ll pay lower road tax –  as pick-ups are essentially for businesses, which means that taxes for them are lower than those of SUVs and cars.

They’re great off roaders due to their heavy-duty suspension and four-wheel drive systems being perfectly suited to going off-road. Their tough ladder-frame chassis permits greater wheel articulation – meaning greater grip over rough terrain.

One of the most noticeable changes these days is their dashboards that look like you’d get in a car. Many come with an integrated touchscreen media system, soft-touch plastics, heated seats, fully adjustable steering wheel, climate control and driver assistance features – which are all features you would expect from SUVs.

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