Interview with Liam Boyle star of Powder

I read the book ‘Powder‘ about 10 years ago, when I was ‘managing’ an indie band in London so I could relate to the story really well. Based around Keva, a struggling unknown musician and his quest to make it big in the music industry… it’s also about how success can change a person and those around them.

Author Kevin Sampson managed Liverpool band The Farm so there is a lot of truth behind the fiction. Fast forward to 2011 and there is now a film version starring up-and-coming actor Liam Boyle as Keva, last seen in the excellent Awaydays.

We caught up with Liam ahead of the films release…

Powder - movie Liam Boyle interview

How did you feel when you heard you had got the part of Keva?
I was driving home from Manchester and I received a call from my agent with the news.. It was a big moment in my life

This is the second Kevin Sampson project you have starred in, do you get on well?
Even from day one, auditioning for ‘Awaydays’ Kevin was such a gentleman making us teas and cracking jokes. And I’d say I get on with him yes, in a very respectful way.

Had you read the book ‘Powder’ before you started filming?
I actually read the book before I auditioned, I had a window of a month and filled it with sex drugs and rock and roll!

Have you ever been in a real band?
Being in ‘The Grams‘ is the closest I’ve been yet but it was great working alongside Greg Mighall, Joe Edwards Oliver Lee and of course James Walsh, in Liverpool.

Liam Boyle - Powder the Movie interview

What was it like being performing in front of so many people at the V-festival?
Unforgettable, especially with the odd piss bottle flying around!

What was the best thing about making the movie?
Going to Ibiza and spending all day on a moped going through the mountains! Noo I’d have to say, working so closely with the cast was even better than electric motor scooters. We’ll never forget those days.. Also my relationship with the director Mark Elliot made the job for me.

Have you seen the finished film yet?
Ive seen the one before the finished one, which means a slightly uncompleted one, so I’m very excited to see it.

What is your favourite movie?
It’s hard to choose just one or two, there are so many.. I’d consider my favorite movies the ones that ‘got to me’ the most Godfather I & II

Powder - movie Liam Boyle interview

Before you became an actor you wanted to be a teacher, any plans to go back to your teaching degree?
No plans yet, I’ve got a lot in my tank before that will rise again.

Whats next?
I think a nice cup of tea

Powder is out in cinemas in the UK from August 26th.
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