Organic Products: The Future of the Fashion and Beauty Industry

In a world where there is growing emphasis on the importance of being sustainable, we take a look at how the fashion and beauty industry is paving the way with organic products. 

From organic textiles to organic candles and lip balms, we are witnessing a revolution when it comes to beauty and fashion – here’s why: 

How Fashion is Changing the World 

When it comes to ethical fashion, the aim is to maximise benefits while reducing any negative impacts. It’s all about creating a win-win situation. 

How are fashion brands doing this? 

By looking at the way pollution can be reduced. With 235 million items of clothing going to landfill in the spring of 2017, that’s a lot of unnecessary waste and pollution, so many brands are looking at the ways they can encourage the reduction of this. Not only that but reducing the chemicals used in production and shipping are key too. 

Companies are looking at how they can adhere to more sustainable practices, i.e. using less water. And they are doing their utmost to ensure their workers are operating in safe conditions, are being treated fairly and are being paid the living wage. 

Ultimately, consumers want to not only feel physically good in the clothes they’re wearing but they want to have a clear conscious about the clothes they’re wearing, too. Brands that can demonstrate their ethical policies, happy workers and fair wages have a great selling point. 

How Beauty Brands Are Changing the World 

There are a number of beauty brands who are using organic ingredients to create fantastic products. And there has also been a rise in the number of companies who are offering gluten-free and vegan products.  

Within the UK beauty market, there are so many innovations that are taking it by storm. That’s why the UK has been given the top spot for facial skincare as it has recognised and started looking after the skin’s very own ecosystem – the microbiome. 

According to a recent study by Mintel, 37% of the products launched in 2018 within this sector came from the UK, closely followed by France (15%) and the US (25%). Furthermore, the idea of indulging oneself with luxury skincare products has increased in popularity with over 70% of launches containing these types of products in 2018, compared to 54% in 2008. 

This growth in luxury brands and the diminish of cheap, budget brands shows how consumers are making conscious decisions about the brands they’re using, both in what goes into the product and what they’ll get out of the product. 

Premium, Environmentally-Conscious Brands Win the Race 

Interestingly, then, cheaper brands that perhaps used to dominate, both in the fashion and beauty industry, are now facing the risk of losing out to more premium brands that are adopting ethical, organic methods within their products. This shows how ethically minded many of us are becoming, realising that cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to the environment. 

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