King Geek: Nathan Barnatt

nathan barnatt interview

If you are a Flush the Fashion regular you will be familiar with the piece of music in the video below. It is ‘Pop Culture’, by 17yr old French Producer Genius Madeon. The original video was just a close up on Madeon’s hands as he played a sequencer. Then we did a cool interview with a talented film-maker Torrey Meeks and he had done a ‘mash up’ video to go with the same song.

Then last week I stumbled across ANOTHER video of Madeon’s track, and there was this freaky guy dancing in it. Further investigation led me to other videos of the same freaky guy dancing in them.

Apparently the freaky guy is ‘Nathan Barnatt AKA Keith Apicary‘ and the more I dug, the more of his stuff I found. Failed Gong Show appearances, weird comedy sketches, and then I find his website… and realise he must by some sort of maverick genius (It’s in my top 5 websites ever).

Its a priceless guide to the world of video games years before Xbox and Playstation were born. He is also one of the worlds leading authorities on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the arcade game).

It’s quite an achievement to carve out a career for yourself by (not) eating M&M’s, freaky dancing and being a bit of an idiot. How many people can say that? He’s also been in TONS of commercials, so Nathan must have a few quid too… I think he is sort of cool, in his own way, and he knows some pretty sweet moves.

He is also flying the flag for bald guys everywhere and if the world’s Geeks ever need a leader for guidance, then they need look no further. We caught up him with over milk and cookies at his moms house.

Where did you learn your sweet dance moves for the Madeon video?
I haven’t learned any dance moves yet that’s why you saw me just spazzing out in the video. Maybe someday I’ll actually figure out what I’m doing.

Keith ApicaryAre you making being bald hip again?
Yeah right. I’m actually reinforcing being bald in its current status of completely un-hip and bordering on offensive.

You have a pretty keen sense of fashion, where do you shop for clothes?
The Salvation Army.

How many jumpers (sweaters do you have)?
I’m not sure how many. All the good ones though.

The Keith Apicary website is in my top 5 ever, did you design it yourself?
Keith actually designed the site. He used NetZero Internet access to create that information hub.

Are your thumbs insured in case of freak accidents?
None of my body parts are insured unfortunately. If you watch more of my nonsense you’ll understand why insurance companies slam their doors in my face. That’s another reason I need insurance.

Insurance for injuries caused by insurance denial door slams. I’m kind of in a loop hole.

What do you need to be a TOP video game player?
It’s not what you need it’s what you don’t need. You don’t need anything besides video games.

If you have friends, a car, a job, a girlfriend or other hobbies then you’re just a video game player. To be a TOP video game player you must first reach rock bottom.

What is the best video game EVER?
That’s tough. It’s between Earthworm Jim on Sega Genesis or TMNT the Arcade Game or Sonic 2 or MUSHA or Streets of Rage 2 or 3 or Mark of The Wolves or Ms Pacman or Snatcher or Metal Slug or… Oh crap, my computer is running out of ink.

I can’t type anymore. I guess we’ll never know.

Do you like M &M’s in real life?
I like M&M’s. They’re not my favorite but they’re a pretty solid piece of flavor.

Were you tempted to eat the giant one in the Ad?
Uhh, did you watch the commercial? I was very tempted. I was practically drooling over the guy. I thought that was obvious.

What is your proudest moment up to now?
This interview.

Have you ever kissed a girl?
Actually I just kissed a girl in the newest episode of Talking Classics. The Streets of Rage episode. That’s how I get girls to kiss me. I lure them in with really crappy parts in Internet videos and write in unnecessary kisses.

What have you got planned for the future?
To film more crappy videos with attractive girls!

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