Movies – Simon Pegg in 'Paul'

Since their beginnings in the wonderful TV series ‘Spaced’ I always look out for stuff with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in. The modern day Morecombe and Wise have been involved in some of my favourite movies of the past few years including ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Star Trek’.

New film ‘Paul’ sees Simon and Nick play two British sci-fi geeks making a pilgrimage to UFO’sville, USA in a ‘RV’ camper van. Along the way they stumble upon Paul, an alien ‘on the run’, from a top secret military base.

Pursued by the Feds and the Father of Kristen Wiig, the woman they (accidentally) kidnap, the race is on to re-unite Paul with his Mothership before the authorities can lock him up again. Cue fun, frolics, mishaps and hilarious situations. The kinds you always have when you’re travelling cross country with an alien.

With Seth Grogen as the voice of Paul, and a supporting cast that includes Sigourney Weaver and Jason Bateman it could be a good one, then again as it’s NOT written by Edgar Wright it could be total pants.

Anyway here is the trailer.

Paul is released on Feb 18th 2011