Motorbikes: the Ultimate City-Life Vehicle

Living in the city isn’t always easy. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives can put a serious strain on our mood, and it doesn’t help when our days start and end with busy commutes in tightly-packed public transportation.

Unbearable smells, loud chatter and delays can put a serious wrench in our enjoyment of public transportation, which is why many people decide to bring their own vehicles to work instead.

Despite the increased cost of living associated with owning a vehicle, it does give you many benefits. You can drive around at will, you can visit places that are further away without having to rely on public transportation and you can even use your vehicle as a fashion statement. With vehicle ownership comes customisation, convenience and also worry.

Very few people can just purchase a vehicle out of the blue and start using it. There are costs associated with buying the vehicle, learning how to use it and also keeping it maintained. These costs often far exceed the cost of public transportation. When you factor in all of the extra care you need to put into a vehicle, most people would steer away and just take the bus.

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Enter the Motorbike

However, most of those costs are usually associated with cars. Cars are expensive—there’s no getting around that fact. Even pre-owned cars cost a lot and need extra care and maintenance just to keep them running.

This is where motorbikes come in handy.

Whether it’s a little scooter, a hog or a sports bike, a motorbike is perhaps the ultimate city-life vehicle that you should consider first before you invest in a car. It’s lighter, it’s easier to manoeuver, it’s easier to store and it’s cheaper to run.

Safety Concerns

Keep in mind that with any kind of motorbike, you’re exposed to dangers far more than a vehicle. Accidents often happen as a result of neglect or complacency on the rider’s part, so as long as you take proper lessons and immerse yourself in safety knowledge, then you’re good to go. Take a look at resources such as Bikers’ Basics to learn all about apparel, safety tips and even backpacks. Knowledge is power when it comes to learning a vehicle, and there’s a wealth of resources out there for the amateur biker.

What You’re Giving Up

In addition to giving up lots of money, you’re also going to give up some convenience. When compared to a car, a motorbike can only carry a single passenger. You won’t be able to go on a road trip with friends, you won’t be able to carry back several bags of shopping and you’ll need to upgrade in the future if you plan on having children. This might be a huge dealbreaker if you want to use your vehicle for more things than just getting to and from work, so make sure you’re willing to give this up before you invest in a bike.

In short, motorbikes are the ultimate city-life vehicle for savvy individuals that understand the importance of convenience and flexibility.

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