How to Select a Content Writer for Your Blog

Many companies and entrepreneurs need a blog as it is the shortest way to interact with the target audience. For example, imagine that you are selling goods or services. Surely you want to remind your potential customers about new options, discounts, available services, and other nuances. Such goals are easily achieved by publishing new articles and publications on your blog.

But how do you find time to craft new content? Perhaps you should delegate this mission to a professional content writer. But how to hire a professional and not regret it? Are there any criteria that you should adhere to? Here’s what you need to know to select a content writer for your blog.


Where to start looking for a writer if you want to save time? First, take a look at the people in the portfolio. You don’t have to look for writers with experience in your niche. Next, take a look at how well people are doing with topics. As a rule, you do not need writing talent to distinguish a professional from an amateur. But, on the other hand, experts are always masters of words and can broadcast their thoughts like ether into readers’ hearts.

But the problem for some entrepreneurs is the lack of time. What if you’re not ready to analyze hundreds of portfolios because you’re a student and have to craft nice papers? There is nothing wrong with delegating some assignments and focusing on finding writers. Find a reliable writing service at and focus on your blog.

Skill Level

Imagine that you liked about ten guys with a good portfolio. Now it’s time to learn about their skill level. What content have they written, and what skills do they have? Can they write long reads, short publications, or analytical articles? How quickly do they integrate keywords into text, and can they craft original content? All these questions are extremely important considering how many people want to find a job on the Internet. 

Experience Level

You are now halfway through, and you should focus on the experience that writer candidates can boast of. As a rule, you should give preference to people who have already created content for blogs and know how to work with the admin panel on the site. They probably even know a lot of SEO nuances, so you won’t have to instruct them for a long time. However, you should also give a chance to a talented writer who has not yet worked on landmark projects. If you like a person’s portfolio, you can take a risk.


And here is another nuance that you should take into account. Many people have experience with different projects but are not enthusiastic about your business. So this is where you need to find a writer whose passion for content creation resonates with your goals. Typically, the level of enthusiasm can be determined by delegating the test task.

But do not forget that you will have to spend a lot of time analyzing the tests that candidates for the content writer position will send you. What if you are a student and do not even have an hour to analyze test items? Delegate your papers to writing services like Proessays, and don’t worry about the details.

Knowledge of Your Product

Surely you will be interested in ensuring that your new writer understands what product or service they are talking about. What if you have a blog about haberdashery and watches, and your candidate has written articles about baby food all his life? Surely you want to see someone who knows everything about the products, services, and topics specific to your blog.

That is why you need to look for a specific category of people at the stage of analyzing each resume. You can also give a talented writer time to analyze your product. Then, if you see progress after a couple of weeks, you can hire the one you like the most.


Financial aspects are a stumbling block for many entrepreneurs. On the one hand, they want to hire experts with years of experience. On the other hand, they are eager to save as much money as possible. Such a dilemma can often baffle any blog owner. Start by determining your annual budget for writing services. You can also determine the average price per article or a thousand characters (or 1000 words).

The next stage is an interview with each of your candidates. Ask people to quote their price, then announce your offer. If the prices are almost identical, you are lucky and do not have to haggle further. But what if the writer wants more money? Discuss the marginal level of the fee depending on certain circumstances. Please don’t be too greedy but don’t offer twice as much as your competitors, as it will destroy your budget!


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in finding a writer for your blog. However, a classic set of criteria is extremely important when hiring a new expert. Stick to the instructions; hiring a writer will take a lot less time. And do not rush to sign a contract or any other papers before delegating a test task! This approach will allow you to reduce the risks of hiring a truly talented employee.