How To Live A More Fulfilled Life

How To Live A More Fulfilled Life

It is a common saying that life is about giving rather than receiving. And doing good for others usually creates room for it to be reciprocated. It is natural to want to live a fulfilling life you would love. And fortunately, you can do that with a few habits. Below are 13 ways you can create a sense of joy and happiness around yourself and a more fulfilled life. 

  1. Learn to love and forgive yourself 
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At some point in many people’s lives, they struggle with self-doubt, poor self-esteem, and self-blame. It is easy to fix your mind on what could have been instead of the realities in your life. Try to focus on loving and being kind to yourself when you have these thoughts. One of the best ways to learn to love and forgive yourself is to begin each day with positive affirmations. Think about all the positives in your life and change your ideas and behaviours toward appreciating them. 

  1. Compliment others 

Compliments may seem so insignificant, but they are a fantastic mood booster. Giving a sincere compliment is beneficial not only to the recipients but also to those who offer them. It also shows some leadership and influence. People will enjoy your company and be more inclined to follow your lead since they always hear what you say. Not everybody is great at complimenting, but you can all learn to do better. You can compliment people in several ways. For instance, telling somebody you believe in their ability to get a job done is a simple and inexpensive approach to complimenting them. 

  1. Show respect

Showing respect may seem similar to kindness and compassion; however, the former may take various forms. For instance, respect may imply accepting others for who they are, even if they disagree or seem different from you. The respect you give may foster a sense of safety, trust, and positivity in your interactions. Respect may not always come naturally, so you can learn it. Meanwhile, it is one thing to learn to respect others and another to respect yourself. Always remember that how you treat others, including the respect, you show them is how you should expect to receive. 

  1. Give kindness and compassion

Giving and being compassionate are selfless attributes. It is normal to give with expectations that you might receive later but when you have to, do it because it is who you are. Every day, many people try to improve others’ lives, even if it’s only a wave, a smile, or a hug. You can also give to people who seem to be doing better than you. It demonstrates your concern for others. And your gifts don’t always have to be expensive. Instead, sentimental gestures like a Trollbeads charm or helping them out at home as a present to your neighbour, colleague, or loved one will be appreciated. 

  1. Help somebody to learn something

Spending time to teach somebody how to do certain things instead of doing it yourself is among the toughest lessons to acquire when transitioning from a solo performer to a leader. However, think about when you started your new job. The intern helped you with the coffee maker, taught you how to use the old printer, or introduced you to some IT skills. Teaching somebody to learn something isn’t limited to the work setting. You can transfer valuable life skills to others, and you’ll be surprised at their growth when your paths cross again. 

  1. Be thankful 

Being thankful is a common trait among the most successful people. It is normal to see accomplished people say how appreciative they are of the hardest part of their lives as it taught them valuable lessons. You can take a cue from this and make it a habit to praise and appreciate others for achieving even the smallest results. Over time, you will find that most individuals value even a modest declaration of others’ gratitude for them. Cultivating thankfulness every day can benefit everyone. You can do the following if you are unsure where to start. First, take note of wonderful things, search for them, and enjoy them. Secondly, enjoy, absorb, and pay close attention to the pleasant things. Finally, express your thankfulness to yourself or someone else. 

  1. Be open to change but don’t sacrifice your values

Sacrifice may take various forms. It could be about working longer hours or being available to help even when you are not on duty. In your personal life, you could sacrifice a planned vacation by being present at a friend’s graduation. While it is good to make certain sacrifices, it is vital to ensure it doesn’t tax your personal life or career development. Be open to accepting new opportunities but ensure it doesn’t compromise your personal beliefs, principles, and goals. Always prioritise your well-being when making such compromises.

  1. Don’t lose a great relationship over a petty dispute
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A few things are more annoying than having the same fight or argument with your family, friend, or partner. You already know that argument if you have been in a relationship lasting over a year or two. That one argument always finds its way back like it never died. But it doesn’t have to continue. You can put a final stop to the cycle or regulate it in a few ways. For example, you can examine the issue bit by bit to determine the best method to resolve it while also improving your relationship.

  1. Reflect

Spend time in peaceful reflection to live a fulfilled life. You can consider this a period of soul-searching as you analyse your role in all that has occurred in your life. It’s critical to accomplish this without passing judgment. The goal is to obtain knowledge and not to blame. Reflection allows the brain to pause in the middle of chaos to untangle and filter through experiences and observations, examine numerous alternative interpretations and generate meaning. You can use the information gathered to shape future attitudes and behaviours. If you’re finding it difficult to do it yourself, consider asking those closest to you to help. 

  1. Help somebody find employment

While global employment numbers are gradually recovering from the pandemic shock, economic and financial instability is still raging everywhere. Even if you have a decent job, you are often concerned about how long it will last or if the economy will continue to improve. But if you can help, create a link or a referral that can benefit someone else’s professional goals—especially if there is no direct benefit to you. This is one way to help financially without it directly coming out of your pocket.

  1. Always stick to the truth

There are various reasons why people lie, and there is no such thing as a small or big lie. However, you cannot expect to be trusted by others when you’re not truthful. This is why the saying honesty is the best policy holds so much truth and is still valid today. Stick to the truth, and you will attract trustworthy people. You’ll also attract the right people who will accept you for who you are when you are truthful. Additionally, lying is exhausting and draining and generally bad for your mental health. 

  1. Live a purposeful life

Set clear intentions about everything you do, and do it wholeheartedly. Don’t be scared to pursue your dreams while being yourself. Put your best foot forward and show your true self to the world. You will be surprised by the experiences and people with the same energy you will attract into your life. A purposeful life is one in which you work toward a large goal that matches your beliefs and passions and makes you happy. Living purposefully may be harder than it sounds, but not impossible. Begin by thinking about the fundamental things that bring you happiness. Finding long-term happiness may seem unattainable only if you live unauthentically. 

  1. Look at the bigger picture

On the surface, life may appear to be a succession of uncontrollable, negative occurrences. And the brain is designed to focus on negative experiences so that it can cope the next time they occur. However, you can train your mind to pay more attention to the positive things in life and remind yourself why you’re here. This will allow you to be the best version of yourself, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, monitor your daily thoughts, actions, and inactions. What do you fixate on, the negative or positive? You will more likely attract wonderful people and events into your life, keeping in mind where you’ve come from and where you intend to reach. And don’t forget to re-embody that energy. 

  1. Learn to listen
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Sometimes the best you can say is nothing at all. Listening doesn’t only prevent you from saying something inappropriate but keeps you silent long enough to understand what others say. Listening carefully to what others say is one of the best gifts you can offer them. Also, you become more tolerant and appreciative of why people behave the way they do if you listen attentively. It encourages empathy and can help deepen relationships. It also fosters truth and honesty and minimises misunderstanding. When you listen, you show others that you are interested in who they are and want to be a part of their life.

Life is full of uncertainties, and everybody can use some form of support to achieve their dreams. Fortunately, living a fulfilled life is possible with a few conscious decisions. The tips discussed here are a good place to start.  

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