How to Grow Your Tutoring Business

So, you’ve been teaching in a school for some time and while you enjoy teaching, you’d prefer to be able to cut out the classroom management and be able to focus on it. You may also be growing tired of the rules and regulations of working in an establishment.

Well there is an answer to these problems; have you ever considered one on one tutoring? Not only does tutoring allow you to focus on giving your students a valuable learning experience, but it also allows you to organise your own schedule. Here, we run through some basic steps on how to set up a successful tutoring business.  


One of the first things to decide before becoming a tutor, is whether you’re going to travel to your students’ homes to teach them, whether you’d prefer to teach them in your own home, or nowadays there is even the option to teach them remotely online. Being willing to travel to each of their individual homes is a real plus for parents who have busy schedules, but it’s not ideal for you in terms of having a comfortable working environment, and you would of course have to include travel costs in your fees

Working from your own home allows you to create the best learning environment for your students and they are more likely to concentrate if they are not in their own home. And finally, if you have limited transport options or you enjoy being free to work from wherever you want, you could consider online tutoring via video chats or instant messaging services. Many deem this to be a lesser quality learning experience however, it does allow you to fit more clients into each day. 


As a tutor who has one to one meetings with clients, you will need some equipment. You could ask students to bring their own writing materials such as pens and workbooks however it is a more professional approach to provide them yourself. This is also another way to help them to separate their studies from their home life in order to concentrate. You will be working from the student’s own textbooks as you will be helping them to succeed in the work their school has set however, you may wish to purchase some more in-depth learning resources to further support them. Visual props such as a white board can also help you to communicate concepts to them. 

If you’re going to be working online, you will need specific tutoring software which will help you to communicate effectively with your clients, take payments and keep track of learning schedules.  You’ll also need good quality hardware such as cameras and microphones to ensure that you’re providing a professional service. 


Just like with any business, you will need to market your services in order to grow your client list. Social media is a great way to do this as it is free to use, very popular in your target market, and has lots of tools that you can use to your own advantage. For example, the more engagement your posts get the more likely they are to appear in searches and feeds, so by creating interesting content that appeals to the right people, you can get your name out there. You could also try an instagram auto liker to boost your following.

Becoming a tutor is a great way to continue doing what you love, without the negative aspects of classroom teaching or working for someone else. With the right location, equipment, and marketing, you could soon see yourself making a career out of tutoring. For more career and business ideas, take a look at