How to Give Your Bedroom the Ultimate Makeover

With the days seemingly endlessly cold and dark, treating yourself to a bedroom makeover can feel like the ultimate luxury. Self-care and wellbeing are more important than ever, so it is worth investing in your own space and creating a haven where you can relax and recharge in your own stylish surroundings. Follow these steps and achieve the bedroom of your dreams. 

Clear the clutter

Removing any unnecessary mess is step one in achieving your perfect room. Any items that can be stored elsewhere in the house or made use of in other rooms should go. This way you’ll expand your space and make your bedroom a more peaceful, restful area. 

Rearrange the room

Your furniture may be in the same position from the day you moved in. Experiment with moving your bed and other pieces around your room and see if you can improve the flow. Moving your furniture around, even if you’re not buying any new pieces, will instantly give the space a completely different feel and you may surprise yourself with how much better the space now works

Think of a theme

Choose a colour palette you enjoy and that expresses your individuality, or go with soft, neutral tones for maximum relaxation. Expand the theme further by picking a general aesthetic such as natural, boho or art deco vibes. Having a solid theme in your head will give clarity to your choice of decoration and soft furnishings and neatly tie everything together. Get scrolling on Pinterest and pop together some thematic boards for inspiration. 

Update what you have

If you don’t have the budget for a whole new bedroom suite, upcycle what you already own for fantastically stylish results. Chalk paint will revamp tired-looking built in storage in a flash. Adding hairpin legs to dressing tables and bedside cabinets can tie any mismatched into an overarching theme and will look effortlessly cool. Simply adding new handles to cupboard doors can give a luxe feel to your room for very little cost.

Add new lighting

Having a variety of lighting in your bedroom is a brilliant way of being able to alter the mood depending on the moment. Replace those harsh, bright bulbs for warm white to create a softer glow and decorate with fairy lights or sophisticated bedside lamps so that the light levels can be adjusted accordingly.  

Treat yourself to new bedding

One of the simplest ways of making your room feel so much fancier is by dressing your bed properly. Swap out the tired teddies and old bedspread and splash out on a new set of bedding for a little slice of luxury. Dress with coordinating pillows, cushions, and a runner to get that luxury feel. Your bedroom will instantly appear more finished off and upmarket and no DIY required. 

Giving your bedroom a makeover can be a real treat and an effective tool for self-care. Picking a theme that speaks to you and sticking to it throughout the rest of your choices will give your room a classy and cohesive result that will see you impatiently waiting for bedtime night after night.