How to Choose and Perfect a Theme for the Rooms in Your Home

When it comes to achieving a standout look in your home, nothing works better than a ‘theme’.

Enabling you to play around with different colours, inspiration and accessories, a theme brings a space to life and injects a bit of personality into the room. But how do you find the right theme for your home and make sure you nail the look? It’s simple… Just follow these three tips:

Find Your Theme

First, you need to find the right theme (OK, so this probably goes without saying).
However, you need to look for inspiration first. This includes finding unique looks and designs in articles, magazines, Pinterest boards, Instagram pictures and everything in between.

This research stage is critical to getting the look right because, while it’s tempting to start buying cool cushions and vibrant wallpaper, if you haven’t got a clear plan and design in mind, it can soon start to look a little random and uninspiring.

Explore Different Cultures

One great way to create a truly bespoke look in your home is to look a little further afield. Explore how other cultures decorate their living spaces and see how you can use this in your own home.

For example, if you’ve been on holiday and stayed in a gorgeous hotel – what bits of their interior design could you utilise in your own home? Would this work with other pieces you’ve already got or another design trend you’ve had in mind?

While you need to ensure your look is refined, you don’t necessarily need to stick to one single theme. Rather, mixing and matching complementing pieces from different cultures and trends can create a fabulous eclectic finish.
That Mediterranean-inspired living room with its neutral whitewash walls and cool contemporary furniture will perfectly welcome those pops of mustard and grey that are bang on-trend – for instance.

Put Together a Mood Board

Now your interior design juices are flowing, it’s time to put your thoughts to paper. And a great way to do this so you don’t lose track of your scheme is to create a mood board.

Cut out pictures you’ve seen, print off online ideas and start shopping around for key pieces you think will work. From scrolling through the variety of window dressings available at places like Direct Blinds to seeing what accessories are hitting high-street stores, this should give you plenty to work with.

Then, once you’re armed with your mood board, you can start buying all the essentials you need to bring this look to life!