How to be More Eco-Friendly Post Lockdown

One positive to take from the lockdown over the last few months has been seeing the drop in pollution and signs of the environment healing as a result of drastic changes that people and businesses have been forced to make. As a result of this, it is important for people to think about how they can be more eco-friendly in their life now that things are slowly returning to normal.

VW ID-3 Electric Car

Remote Working

If possible, it is a good idea to continue working from home or to reduce the amount of time that you spend in the office. Not commuting to and from work each day can make a huge difference, plus remote work can benefit both the employer and the employee.

Reduce Driving

Leading on from this, it is also worthwhile trying to reduce the amount of time that you spend driving as this is often what causes the most pollution by individuals. Often, you will be able to walk/cycle which is environmentally-friendly, good for your health and free so there are many perks. You could also opt for public transport or even car-share which will be greener than driving yourself.


Flying is also bad for the environment so it is worth considering staycations and trips in the UK – this is particularly true right now when travelling abroad is still a risk and there are many restrictions in place. The UK has all kinds of amazing highlights and places to visit, plus it is easy to get around by train which is greener than driving and you can book your tickets online at places like Grand Central Rail.

Switch to an Electric Car

Of course, there are likely to be times where you do need to use a car and you will find that now is a good time to switch to an electric. This is because there are now many different types available, the infrastructure is improving and the variety also means that they can be more affordable. While they will cost more upfront, you can make huge savings by making the switch to an electric.

It is important to see post-pandemic life as a fresh slate and a chance to make many positive changes in life. Protecting the environment should be a priority for every person and business and these are just a few of the positive changes that you can make now that things are tentatively returning to normal.