How Does A Football Team Make It To The Top?

Not a lot of people realise, but just about anyone can go ahead and start their own football team. As long as you have enough players for the sport, are willing to fill out some paperwork, and have somewhere to host training and games, you can start along the road to building a team of champions. All except the world’s national teams operate as businesses, with investors, assets, and even a board of directors. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face if you want to start your own team will be getting it to the top of its game, though, and this post is going to be showing you how to achieve this sort of goal.

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Starting Out

First starting in the world of professional sports is going to be the hardest part of this journey. Many of the largest teams in the world have been established for a very long time, and a lot of locations already have teams representing them. Two teams can coexist in the same city, with Manchester United and Manchester City being a great example of this. You won’t be able to start on the League Pyramid, instead playing against small team until you reach the top of regional leagues. A loss or two won’t ruin your chances, but you will need a good win-rate if you’re going to reach the top of the leagues you play in.

Onto The League Pyramid

Most of the teams which can already be found on the League Pyramid have been there for a long time. This makes it difficult for new names to join the list, though it isn’t impossible. The English Football league pyramid is the most popular in the world, and it is split into seven different levels. At the bottom, there are four regional leagues which only take teams from their own areas. Up one level, you’ll find another split, this time between the North and South, but this is the last level which has more than one set of teams.

Once you reach this point, you will only need to make your way up four more levels before you reach the very top of the pyramid. In order, this goes from the National League through League Two, League One, and into the Championship, and the pyramid is topped with the Premiere League. The very best players in the world sit at the top of this structure, but those in the top spot change each year, and this shows that there is potential for new teams to climb the ranks and make a name for themselves.

How Do Teams Climb The Pyramid?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is quite a simple one; they climb by winning. Each League will have a yearly tournament which is used to decide where each team sits. There are 38 games in a Premiership Season, with teams going through heats which decide where they will be placed. If you win your first game, the odds are that the next will be playing against another team which has won, and this continues until there are only two teams left. While this sounds simple, a lot of teams have worked extremely hard towards this goal, but always seem to fall short of the goals they set for themselves.

Of course, alongside the skills of their existing players, team owners can also use other methods to help them to climb the ranks. For those with enough funding, buying players from other teams is very common. This can cost in excess of $100 million, making it hard for smaller teams to take on the greatest players, but still makes the process of competing a little bit fairer. If you had the resources, you could simply buy yourself the best team in the world, but you would still face some challenges when it comes to reaching the top.

While you can buy the best players, can start your own team, and perform better than anyone else with the help of some money, you won’t be able to buy fans this way. A football team needs support, or it will be extremely difficult for games to be organised, with the owners of other teams being unwilling to host you if you’re not going to bring any punters with you. Some level of popularity will come with the players you buy, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that people will like you for having them. This is a fine balance to make, and you have to think about the sport on the whole before you start trying to reach for the top like this.

Starting a football team isn’t an easy job. While there is a lot of money in this field, most of it is held by teams which have been around for a very long time. Of course, though, this doesn’t make it impossible to climb to the top of the sport; you just have to work extremely hard to do it.