How Do You Stay Healthy When You Work From Home?

With more and more of us now choosing to work from home, either starting our own businesses or taking advantage of the recent accelerations in flexible working policies, we have a whole new set of skills to learn.

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From successfully setting up and organising a home office, to making sure we keep a work-life balance, getting the most out of home-based working is an art. The data shows that home workers are actually the most productive and happy with their situation – provided they do it right. And that includes a focus on health. When your commute is suddenly a few steps from the bedroom to your desk, it can be very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and end up doing things which are detrimental to your overall wellbeing. So how do you keep a focus on your health while slaying your job from the spare room?

Create A Morning Routine

There’s a reason that many top business leaders and elite athletes have a strict morning routine – this time is precious in making the most of your day and optimising your mindset. Because of the pressures of commuting, many of us struggled with rushed mornings in our old situations, but working from home presents a really valuable opportunity to create a morning routine that can benefit your life enormously. Easy steps like taking the time to fit in a run or an at home yoga routine, learning some simple breathing techniques, taking the time to prepare and eat a nourishing breakfast and plan out your working day, all make a big shift in your mindset. Other people like to make sure they are hydrated, fill in a gratitude journal to set themselves up mentally for the day, or create a great skincare routine to tick the self-care box. Your mornings are your own again as a home-based worker, so instead of wasting them by sleeping in later, try to supercharge them to start your whole day off right.

Fuel Your Body

Working from home can sometimes mean our eating habits slide a bit – after all, it’s easy to reach for a sugary snack or just eat toast for every meal when you don’t have to leave the house. But it actually presents another great opportunity for being able to cook and eat some simple, healthy recipes rather than relying on takeout food for lunch or breakfast. Batch cook some grab and go staples such as spinach and egg savory muffins, or get into overnight oats for a slow-release energy hit. Stock up on interesting ingredients to make a variety of tasty salads, and focus on adding extra portions of vegetables and fruit to everything you make. Your energy levels, focus and mood will all improve as a result of this. You can turbo-charge your efforts using dietary supplements sourced online from a site like –  to add more protein, or perhaps you need a green superfood powder or a probiotic?

Make Sure To Get Outside

An easy trap to fall into is getting so absorbed with work that you look up at the end of the day and realise you haven’t moved outside at all! So make a recurring appointment in your daily work calendar to get up and move around outside at least once a day. You could go for a run or even just a power-walk in the fresh air, or take an at home HIIT workout into your garden. The main point is to get out of the house to give yourself a mental and physical break from the same environment –  it will do wonders for your work abilities as you return to your desk refreshed as well.

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