How Breast Augmentation Can Boost Your Confidence & Your Sex Life

There are many reasons a woman may choose to get a breast augmentation, colloquially known as a boob job. Some women want to regain their pre-pregnancy breasts. Others are looking to have their top curves match their bottom ones. And some just want bigger boobs.

Another happy consequence of breast implants for many women is that they can help improve your sex life. According to a study conducted at the University of Porto, most women are more satisfied with their sex lives after breast augmentation than before. Women reported higher levels of desire and arousal, as well as more satisfaction.

The possible link between breast implants and an improved sex life all comes down to one thing: confidence. Self-confidence is the ability to go about one’s life independent of the opinion or approval of others.

That effortless, self-generated certainty is inherently sexy, so it makes sense that a procedure that boosts confidence also can improve a sex life.

The results of these procedures can encourage women to make changes in many areas of their lives, including taking a bolder approach to their careers, their social lives, and their romantic ambitions.Many women use cosmetic procedures, and especially breast augmentation, to help enhance their look and their sense of femininity and attractiveness. “This popular cosmetic surgery procedure often results in an improved self-image and overall confidence,” says the website of Dr. Clayton Moliver, a Clear Lake plastic surgeon practicing outside Houston.

Breast Augmentation

Many patients feel for years that their breasts aren’t as attractive as they’d like them to be. Perhaps they don’t date as much as they might if they felt their breasts were more attractive, or perhaps they feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with a partner touching their breasts. Changing that feature can be very empowering, and patients tend to feel a major self-confidence boost when they no longer have anxiety about how their breasts look. They are more confident when dating and also with existing partners, finding pleasure instead of embarrassment when naked.

Jenny Eden, boob job guru and the blogger behind, shared this about her own transformation: “For me, I’m really happy to tell you that getting an augmentation gave me a lot more confidence in the bedroom. I could immediately tell that my self-esteem had been amplified, and I was really excited to explore all the new expressions of intimacy that breast implants made possible.”

Interestingly, the University of Porto study also showed that women who developed stretch marks following their breast augmentation did not experience any noticeable improvement in their sex lives. The confidence boost experienced by the other women in the study seem to have been canceled out by the appearance of these new blemishes, the researchers surmised.

That particular complication may seem like a minor one at first thought, but its ripples evidently run deep. If a woman doesn’t like how her breasts look naked, that would logically affect her sex life.

Fortunately, stretch marks can be avoided in most breast augmentation cases with proper planning and aftercare. The key is working with a qualified surgeon.If you feel like your confidence in the bedroom could be improved and your breast size may be partially to blame, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon about your options.

Although attaining a better sex life shouldn’t be your only motivation for seeking this surgery, it’s certainly not a bad benefit.

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