Hoop Earrings: Your Classic Wardrobe Essentials and How To Mix and Match A Perfect Outfit

Wearing jewellery to decorate one’s body and face is a timeless fashion trend that has been going on since ancient times. This is especially true about hoop earrings, which are also gaining massive following these days as more celebrities and known fashion icons are sporting these fashionable hoops on their ears. Hoop earrings can match almost any outfit you’ll find in your wardrobe. They can also be worn both day and night. That is why they’re every fashionista’s favorite. But the beauty of hoop earrings will shine out more if you know how to mix and match your outfits.

Check out these ideas on how to pick the best pair of classic wardrobe outfits to match your various kinds of hoop earrings:

Casual Look: T-shirt or Blouse + Jeans + Plain Hoop Earrings

Your usual daytime activities would require you to be on-the-go, and that’s what casual wear is for. It’s simple, but it doesn’t have to mean mediocre. Your casual wear may usually consist of a t-shirt or blouse, a pair of dark jeans, and ballet or flat shoes. But if you love wearing boots, it can go very well with your jeans as well. If you want to step-up your chic casual look, pumps will also do. To make this simple look more fashionable, you can wear a medium or oversized plain hoop earring. You can choose to use either plain gold or silver hoop earrings to match any shirt. Tie your hair up into a bun to feature your jawline and to also show-off your hoop earrings.

Elegant Chic: Little Black Dress + Heels + Gold Hoop Earrings

It’s a must to have a little black dress in your wardrobe. You can wear it to virtually any event by accessorizing. Just remember Breakfast at Tiffany’s and achieve that Audrey Hepburn look. You can even take your Audrey Hepburn-look to the next level by wearing a fancy pair of hoop earrings to match your classic little black dress and heels. If you want to keep up with the trend and you want to incorporate rose gold jewellery to complete your look, you can decorate your hands with rose gold rings and match them up with rose gold hoop earrings.

Office Gorgeous: Office Wear + Plain Metallic Hoops

Maintain a respectable look at work while staying fashionable with small sized hoop earrings. They’re less flashy, yet they add a layer of elegance and impact in your office look. This will go well with the basic white button-up polo and black slacks. If you’re a fashion trendsetter in the office, your small plain silver or gold hoop earrings will still look great with any formal office dress. 

Beach Stunner: Swimwear + Mid-sized Hoop Earrings

You can stay fashionable while enjoying your time at the beach by wearing a one-piece or two-piece swimsuit and a pair of mid-sized hoop earrings. You can look stunning in any plain or printed swimsuit when you add hoop earrings to your beachwear ensemble.

Winter Mistress: Sweater + Drop-Hoop or Thick Hoops

The freezing cold air and snow don’t have to stop you from being fashionable. Thick sweaters and coats are in during cold seasons. You can accessorize this look by wearing hoop earrings. Plain silver or gold mid-sized hoops look amazing, but you can also go for drop-hoops or thick hoop earrings. But don’t limit yourself with the size. Your sweater will also look great with oversized hoop earrings. 

Boho Darling: Floral Dress + Colorful and Patterned Hoops

If you’ve been to Coachella, you’ve probably witnessed the explosion of colors and fashion. And of course, you may have seen celebrities walking about looking absolutely gorgeous in their boho look. More than the outfits they wear, it’s their hoop earrings that are attention grabbers. You don’t have to get left behind. You can achieve your best boho look by wearing your bright colored boho dress with a pair of creative hoop earrings that can come in unique shapes and multiple colors.

Final Reminders

Fashion keeps evolving, and so outfits and accessories also change over time. One of the mainstay accessories that have also evolved is the hoop earrings. Over time, hoop earrings have come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can’t just pick out any pairs. You have to choose one that will complement your face and your outfit. Although hoop earrings can match almost any outfit, how you’ll look will also depend on how you confidently carry yourself. So wear your outfits and hoop earrings with confidence, and you’ll look gorgeous and stunning every time

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