Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011 Preview

Ok hold your breath……….. Footloose, Highlander, War Games, Short Circuit, Total Recall, Top Gun, The Thing and Point Break. ALL of these movies have remakes that are either about to be released, in production or green lit for filming.

Remakes are nothing new in Hollywood and you can virtually guarantee if a movie makes a profit sooner or later they will either do a sequel or do a remake (or in some cases both).

One of the more interesting ones to hit our screens before Xmas is The Girl With Dragon Tattoo. It used to be that Hollywood would at least wait 10-20 years before remaking a movie, but with TGWTDT the original Swedish version was made as recently as 2009. That’s barely enough time to scout for locations and organise the mobile sandwich shop.

I have faith in this version though for 3 reasons.

1: David Fincher is directing.
From his breakthrough movie ‘Se7en‘ up to his most recent work ‘The Social Network‘, Fincher has a consistently delivered high quality pieces of entertainment, and with a terrific story to get his teeth into he should deliver something special (he also does suspense really well).

2: Daniel Craig is in it.
After the recent delays with the new 007 movie, the excellent Craig was in danger of being of being stranded in 00 hell. Fortunately he wrestled the Bond shackles off for Cowboys and Aliens, and now TGWTDT should make his agent very happy again until ‘Bond 23‘ sees the light of day.

3: Nine Inch Nail, Trent Reznor is doing the soundtrack.
Enough said.

Of course there is also the millions of people who read the superb original Stieg Larsson books who will be keen to see if it can live up to its already high expectations, and only time will tell. Have a look at the trailer and see what you think.

The Girl With Dragon Tattoo is scheduled for a UK release on 21st December.