Getting the right sectional sofa at the right price

Have you always wanted to have a sectional sofa and finally have the space for one? If you’ve already started looking you have likely found that sectionals can be very pricey. In fact, they are just about the most expensive single furniture item that you can buy. Sectionals can often be comparable in price to whole living room sets.

But you shouldn’t let the cost of a sectional sofa stop you from having the living room of your dreams. You have several options for finding cheaper sectionals that will work for any home. Here are the top ways you can get a sectional sofa you love inside a living room budget you can afford.

Local furniture retail holidays and clearance sales

Just as car dealerships slash prices just before the next year’s models arrive, so too do furniture stores hold sales at the changing of the seasons. Most local living room furniture clearance sale events will take place in January and July. Although sales are held at furniture stores during the back-to-school season, sectionals are rarely included in such sales.

You also have opportunities for traditional retail holidays. Many people wait for these sales to make sure they are getting the best deal possible at their local furniture store. Typical retail holidays celebrated by almost all furniture stores include Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, and Black Friday weekends.

Online clearance sections

Online furniture stores also offer sectionals on clearance, although they usually have an ongoing clearance section of their online catalog rather than holding clearance sales. You will have a much larger selection of clearance sectionals with online furniture retailers because they have larger warehouses to hold onto products long after the season changes. As such, they have living room furniture on clearance year-round.

Save on the newest sectionals sofas by purchasing online

If you want the most trending, newest sectionals available, you can still save money by purchasing them online. Online furniture stores often buy sectionals from the manufacturer in bulk, getting a better price than your local furniture store and passing those savings on to their customers. That means you can get the top sectionals at much lower prices. 

Carefully consider the size of the sectional sofa

Make sure that you review the dimensions of the sectional sofa before ordering. In addition to height and length, sectional dimensions include depth. This is important because sectionals are deeper than traditional couches, and they take up a lot more room. The bigger the sectional sofa, the higher the price, so you should make sure you don’t get one larger than you need. Measure your space carefully and use patterns to make sure that you are leaving enough walking space.

You should also double-check the seat height. Some sectionals sit too low for those with joint or balance issues to rise easily, while other sectionals may be too tall for the average person. Consider who will be using the sectional and choose the seat height accordingly. 

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