Get a VPN to be open and private online

Privacy is really important on the internet and that doesn’t mean hiding away from prying eyes if you’re up to no good. Over the next few years personal VPN’s will become more and more common and here’s why it’s only a matter of time until you get one. 

Security When you visit a website or make a purchase online or post something on facebook that information is usually sent in an unsecured way. That means that someone using the right software can potentially intercept the data and use it for their own advantage.  Personal identity and data theft is a huge problem and although it won’t eliminate the chance, a personal VPN account can make your online experience much more secure.

In addition to increased security, a VPN can also make the internet a less restricted place too.  My wife lives in Italy. ok, so don’t tell anyone but we share her Netflix account. The problem is that when I go over to see her and we want to watch a movie or something the Netflix that is on her TV (or on my laptop) is totally different to the Netflix that I’ve got at home. This is because many of the shows that are on the British version (for whatever reason) are not available on the Italian version. Her Netflix is full of very cheesy Italian movies (actually some are good). 

Now, if you have a good VPN account you can basically trick Netflix into thinking that you are still in the UK (or Italy or the US) by spoofing your GEO-Location and using the location of your VPN to go through. Just make sure you use one of the vpns that work with Netflix.

Watch Anywhere
Are you keeping up? Now, this all sounds great and it’s definitely not illegal but officially Netflix isn’t too happy with the loophole and they want you to watch the right content depending on where you are based. One of the things they’ve tried to do is ban some known VPN IP addresses from accessing Netflix completely, so if you are going to to do it, do your homework and have a look at a few different providers. This website has a great beginners guide to VPN’s and is definitely worth checking out. 

Not only can you access all the different Netflix libraries from around the world with a decent VPN account you can also watch stuff on providers like Hulu and the BBC iPlayer away from the UK, not to mention all the live football on BBC Radio and SKY GO (you’ll still need a subscription).

The important thing is just don’t get it confused with a VPL, that’s something completely different.