Flower Power Fashion: 3 Reasons Why the Floral Trend is Here to Stay

Although you would be forgiven for thinking that florals are exclusively for spring, designers across the board are making the case for fall florals this season. But why is flower power so enduring and how can you incorporate florals into your wardrobe? With the 70s infused vibe of darker, moody prints showing no signs of dying off, let’s discover 3 reasons why the floral trend is here to stay.

Florals Can Be Dressed Up or Down

Floral patterns are appropriate for a surprisingly versatile number of sartorial situations. Not only are floral print pieces suitable for formal occasions such as work or weddings, they can also be worn at the weekend or to a party. Whether you have bohemian sensibilities, or are more of a rock chick at heart, there are ways to incorporate flower power into almost any style. From a structured evening wear ensemble, to a beach ready kaftan, floral prints can be found on conservative and casual pieces at various price points.

For a formal occasion, a structured floral dress can be a stunning stand out piece that speaks for itself. Similarly, if you do not want to commit to head to toe florals, a plain colour on top paired with florals on the bottom half can create a dynamic shift of focus to balance top heavy body shapes. To keep things casual, a ruffled floral blouse like some of the styles available on this website can be teamed with jeans for a styled yet relaxed look. Just throw on a cosy jacket to stay warm on cooler days.

Printing Possibilities

As with any print, florals can come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes. From dainty, cherry blossom prints, to bold peonies and sunflowers, there are endless possibilities of colors and styles to suit your moods and tastes. For instance, soft pastels and dusty colors can be styled with other neutrals and pale jeans. Alternatively, bold, fruity, and acid shades can be mixed with other bright colors for an attention-grabbing look that is sure to turn heads.

However, rich and dark colors can create a more rock or baroque feel and work well with dark shades, black and leather. In terms of print format, smaller prints can be an excellent first foray into the world of florals. Conversely, larger prints can highlight the details of oversized fits and so are a unique way to embrace statement dressing. Additionally, placed patterns that are positioned on a certain area of the fabric can give a contemporary finish to an otherwise classical ensemble.

Flowers Appeal to Our Love of Nature

One of the main reasons that floral prints are so popular is because they are incredibly accessible. Floral prints can be darker or lighter depending on the season making them a versatile choice for fashion designers. Moreover, most people own at least one item of clothing with floral detailing and so designers are always looking for new ways to incorporate the colors and images of the natural world into patterns. Florals have enjoyed a rich history all over the world and serve to remind us of the outdoors and bucolic settings.

Correspondingly, being out in nature improves our mood and can have a stress reducing effect. Wearing clothing with references to nature can echo these feelings of awe, contentment and wonder. It is also no secret that we associate flowers with ideas of youth and innocence and so, season after season, floral prints once again begin to bloom. The clothes we wear can have a huge impact on our wellbeing, and in challenging times, it is unsurprising that we look for clothing, patterns, and prints that make us feel happy.

Ultimately, thanks to their style varieties, outfit versatility and enduring popularity, floral prints are set to blossom for many more seasons to come. Furthermore, by referencing the fragility of the natural world, floral prints offer a sense of familiarity that is often sought after in times of uncertainty.  

Florals are an excellent way to introduce some personality into your work wardrobe. Check out this blog post for more subtle ways to incorporate fashion trends into your business clothes.

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