Five Smart Money Saving Motoring Tips

Owning a car can give you the freedom to travel where you want, when you want. From your daily commute to leisurely travel and driving holidays, a vehicle can support your lifestyle and aspirations. However, motoring comes at a cost and quite a significant one for most. Insurance, road tax, fuel, maintenance and breakdown cover all add up to a large amount every month. So, what are some handy money saving motoring tips to save you money here and there?

Compare prices for repairs and maintenance

Your car needs a range of maintenance, both planned and unplanned. MOTs and servicing are important to keep your car roadworthy and safe to drive, but things can still go wrong at anytime and anywhere. Emergency repairs or fixes can be costly, so it is essential to scout around for quotes before taking your car into a garage. Similarly, compare prices for your routine maintenance – sometimes you can book a car MOT cheaper online than you can through your local garage. 

Refuel at supermarkets

Fuel is subject to market conditions like supply and demand, so prices can be exorbitant – particularly when you put many miles on the clock every week or month. The average Brit spends over £1,000 on fuel per year and with fuel prices staying relatively high, finding ways to save money can save you a significant amount. Avoid filling up at motorway services and try to refuel at supermarket forecourts because these are markedly cheaper than the rest. You can also make use of loyalty and point schemes when filling up to regain some of your costs down the line.

Be smart with your insurance

Insurance is perhaps the largest annual expense for drivers, especially if you’re a new or young motorist. There are several legitimate ways you can reduce your premiums, mostly around reducing your potential risk. First, your choice of car will dictate how risky your insurance is and how much you pay, so keep this in mind if you are thinking about getting a new car. Furthermore, where you park your car and the security devices it has fitted will also determine how much you pay – so add to this security if you want to pay less. It is possible to reduce your premiums by adding a reliable and trustworthy family member as a named driver on your policy, but don’t try to claim they are the main driver because that is illegal. Always keep your insurance details such as home address and registration number up to date because these can invalidate your insurance if correct and can sometimes reduce your premiums when updated.

Do regular DIY maintenance

Your car still needs attention and care between MOTs, services and repairs. DIY maintenance such as checking tyre pressure, oil levels and many others can help to mitigate unnecessary wear and tear, potentially saving you money in the long term by helping to avoid more serious issues.

Buy parts yourself

Sourcing spare car parts yourself may be more effort than you are ready to commit, but it can save you some serious money when getting repairs done on your car. Garages will have their own sources to buy from but may often add a margin on top to add to their own profit. By sourcing things like tyres online, you can get the best prices for spare parts and provide these to your mechanic to fit.