Five family attractions that you’re never too old to visit

Whether you’re making the most of the warmer weather or heading indoors for something a little different to the standard weekend beers, there are some activities that always tick the right boxes.

Is it because we never truly grow up? Is it because of the nostalgia? Maybe we’ll never know. One thing’s for certain though… round up your best and brightest, and there’s always some fun to be had. If you’re stuck for ideas on where you and the crew can have a day out that won’t break the bank but will make some memories, keep our five suggestions in mind.

The Zoo

An oldie but a goodie. Everybody loves animals, and it stands to reason that everybody loves the zoo. Don’t forget, most of them have restaurants on site as well if you’re after a cheeky bevvy or two.
What’s more, we’ve all got that one friend who has a really weird animal phobia. Getting some good buddies to the zoo is a great way to find out which critter gives them the jitters, meaning the rest of you can take great pleasure in their reaction.

Studio Tours

Nowadays, everyone’s a film buff. Thanks to streaming services and online media we’re watching more movies and shows than ever before, while everyone knows that one actor that now seems to be in everything.

You might think a trip to Hollywood is the only way to get a decent look into the industry, but think again. Get the guys together to explore Warner Bros Studio Tours near London, which has some particularly awesome scenarios and set pieces from Hogwarts and the greater Harry Potter mythos. For the less fantastical, tours of soap opera studios can also be a real laugh, while there’s more to the British film industry than you might first think.

Go karting

Admit it gentlemen, we all play with the kids’ Scalextric more than them. We’ll sit and criticise Hamilton and Button’s racing lines in front of the Formula One. And when that boy racer cuts us off at the traffic lights, we’ll rant and rave while being just slightly envious deep down.

There’s a racing spirit in us all, and while go karting is always a fun family day out, it’s just as awesome hitting the circuit during adulthood. The smell of the tyres, the competitive spirit, the buzz of the overtake… it’s surprising how exhilarating it can be. It’s even a good way to settle some old grudges, but make sure you follow the safety advice given by the professionals.

Theme parks

Wailing kids every which way, sure, but if they’re not yours then there’s no need to worry, right? Open the map and pick a theme park, any theme park. It could be LegolandThorpe ParkAlton Towers or anywhere else – just as long as there’s rollercoasters.

The rides and attractions they put together nowadays are nothing like the tame contraptions of yesteryear. Nowadays the activities on offer are more daring than ever, plus experiences like log flumes and the like are more of a test of mettle than you might think. Get some adrenaline pumping, and if nothing else, go to hear your big gym-nut friend shriek at the top of the ferris wheel.

Laser tag

Put the toys away, because the big boys and the big guns are coming to play instead. You and the guys can give Call of Duty a rest for a night or two and instead slip on a laser tag vest for the most cyberpunk version of cat and mouse there is.

It’s all just a game, of course, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your best to win. Get some solid strategies under your belt and you’ll be ahead of the pack in no time.

At the end of the day, it’s the experience as much as the venue that makes for the ultimate day out with your top comrades in arms. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s on offer, but make no mistake. Family days out aren’t just for the kids these days.

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