Film Preview: Super with Rainn Wilson

Super Rainn Wilson

Following in the footsteps of Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim V’s The World comes a new indie comedy written and directed by James Gunn called Super.

Rainn Wilson (The US Office) plays Frank a guy whose wife played by Liv Tyler (yes, I thought that too!), takes off with local bad egg played by Kevin Bacon..

Anyway… in an attempt to win her back Frank becomes ‘The Crismon Bolt’ a new kind of superhero with 2 aims, to prevail justice and to take out the bad guys.

Ellen Page, who four years after Juno still manages to look about 14 years old plays a local book store employer who becomes ‘Boltie’, his partner in the fight against crime.

Am not sure about you, but although I liked Kick Ass and Scott Pilgim, I thought they lacked the heart and soul that would have made them GREAT films. I like the look of Super and hope it’s has more in common with Napolean Dynamite and Ghost World. Fingers crossed!

Incidentally director Gunn started his career with Troma Entertainment, home of the Toxic Avenger and wrote the screenplay for both of the Scooby Doo Movies. He also directed the horror movie Slither. Am not sure if that is a good or bad thing!

Super is released in the US on April 1st 2011