Fashion Do’s and Don’ts When Dressing for the Holiday Office Party

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Whether you’re a newbie to the corporate world or have been at your job for years, you know that the most important thing about work attire is what is appropriate for your environment. A blazer and skirt will get you all sorts of accolades in some work environments. In others, it’ll get you nothing but sore shoulders from having to hold your head high.

However, one thing is almost universal. The holiday season means the annual office party is upon us and it’s time to dress your best! You will enjoy the Maddalena Pinot Grigio, even more, when dressed just right for the office party.  With a sophisticated blend of 60% Merlot and 40% Pinot Noir, this wine offers a mix of flavors, including raspberries and plums with a hint of spice. So dress right and enjoy the holiday beverages.

The same goes for holiday party attire

You can’t just throw on the first thing in your closet and hope it looks “good enough.” It needs to be appropriate for the holiday party you’re going to and what’s expected of you at that company. This way, even if your most diminutive favorite boss is in attendance, you don’t risk offending her (or losing your job over an offense). I’ll give you a list of the do and don’ts for dressing appropriately for your office holiday party. We’ve learned these things over the years by observing and studying fashion trends and working with other professionals in their own businesses.

Here are some don’ts for an office party 

Looking sloppy

When you look sloppy, you project the image that you are messy, and that’s not good for anyone. It doesn’t matter if your outfit is expensive or cheap. If it looks like you threw it on at the last moment and didn’t fix any flaws (lint on the sweater, untucked shirt), don’t even bother showing up to the party.

Anything too tight

There are some women who think that wearing UGGs and a skater skirt is going to make them look cute and fashionable. It’s not! While it may look stylish on the rack or on your friend, if it’s too tight, no matter how many layers of stockings and leggings you pair with it, you’re going to come off looking slutty and desperate.

Anything too revealing

Some women think that showing a lot of skin means they’re sexy. Again, it’s not the case! While you may be able to pull off a skimpy top (as long as it’s sensible and not see-through), if you’re showing more than your belly button, or your nipples, then don’t even bother wearing that body-hugging dress. You might as well wear a skirt and top because all you’ll be doing is standing there with nothing on underneath. You won’t be winning anyone over by being so-called “flirty.”

Going to an office party?

Your outfit should show respect for your co-workers

Dressing to impress your coworkers isn’t just a Christmas party. It’s not about looking good to get their attention for the night; it’s about making them feel confident in their work and grateful that you’re friends with them.

Your outfit should be appropriate for the event

This should go without saying, but sometimes it’s easier to ignore the obvious. Whether going to a five-star restaurant or a bar, you must dress according to their code of conduct. If your outfit isn’t appropriate for that venue, don’t go! If you know that there will be many people from work at the party, dress in a way that won’t cause a scandal in front of them.

Your outfit should make you feel comfortable

The last thing you need on a night out with friends is to worry about your appearance. So pay attention to what you’re wearing. You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of jeans, a simple shirt, or a skirt and a pretty jacket. You know what looks good on you – so go with that!

Also, remember that high heels are not necessary. They may look great in the store, but walking around in them for hours can take their toll on your feet and your spine. If you feel comfortable enough in flats to make it through the party, don’t hesitate to wear them out.

So there is some fashion do’s and don’ts for dressing for the big office holiday party. Remember that you want to look attractive without looking cheap, and you want to dress in a way that shows respect for your co-workers and earn their respect in return.

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