Exploring the ruins of Temple Tumble

With the advancements in technology, it’s never been easier to explore another world from the comfort of your sofa, on a device connected to the internet.

On the virtual floor of an online casino, there are an array of games carrying a multitude of themes, including sightseeing in the past, present and future of places found on earth and beyond. One of those places is the jungle in Cambodia, home to a forgotten Aztec empire, where the only thing reminding us of its existence is the temple ruins.

Are you up for an adventure into the ruins of a forgotten temple, to see if any treasures were left behind for us to find? Scroll to explore.

Temple Tumble Megaways

When you play Temple Tumble Megaways slot, you’re instantly taken to a Cambodian jungle setting inside the ruins of an Aztec empire temple, where the six reels and alternating rows are set within the ornate stone structure.


No slot is complete without its symbols, and Temple Tumble symbols do not disappoint:

  • A blue gem J, trapped in stone
  • A green gem Q, trapped in stone
  • A purple gem K, trapped in stone
  • A red gem A, trapped in stone
  • A green gemstone, trapped in stone
  • A blue gemstone, trapped in stone
  • A red gemstone, trapped in stone
  • A red dragon mask
  • A gold and orange Buddha head
  • An explorer with the word WILD in front of him

Free Spins Feature

Unlike other slots found within the virtual casino floor, to unlock the free spins feature you won’t require scatter symbols, but instead, you’ll need to unblock all blocked stone positions in the game grid, with a run of winning cascades. It isn’t until all blocked positions are freed, that the free spins begin.

When activated, you’ll head to a chamber within the temple, and claim six free spins awaiting you. It’s here where you’ll then have a choice to make – what offering to take onto the free spins reels. During the free spins, special stone block tiles will spin into play with special modifiers attached to them, each offering a different level of volatility:

  • Extra Spins – The stone blocks will contain extra free spins and will add up to three free spins to your current total, if and when destroyed within gameplay. This feature comes with a medium volatility option.
  • Multipliers and extra free spins – This feature gives you the option to add stone blocks that contain either free spins or multipliers, which will be added to your total when destroyed. This feature comes with a higher volatility rate than the extra spins feature.
  • Multipliers – Delivering blocks containing up to 3x multipliers need to be destroyed before the multipliers can be added to your total. This comes with an extremely high volatility rate.

With the decision in your hands, what option will you choose if you activate the free spins feature hidden within the temple walls? More free spins? Multipliers? Or will you decide to play with both options spinning into play?