Exciting Adventures You Can (Probably) Have In Your Own Home Town!

Exciting Adventures You Can (Probably) Have In Your Own Home Town!

The thing about the digital world is that it’s really easy to get caught up in those Insta posts of people hanging out in exotic locations, and doing exciting things.

Sadly, this is something that can make your hometown look boring. However, there are usually some stimulating adventures just waiting to be uncovered close by, read on for some suggestions.

Abandoned spaces

One hashtag that continues to trend on Insta is #abandoned spaces, and it contains some amazing site such as I.M. Cooling Tower, Belgium and The Maunsell Sea Forts, England. Of course, you might be close to your very own abandoned space adventure too, something you can use sites like www.abandonedspaces.com to research.

However, unless formally open to the public abandoned spaces are usually private property and can contain some serious risks too, so there is a definite warning that comes along with this sort of activity. Something that means it is an adventure that’s not for the faint of heart!

Escape rooms

Next, other trending activities that are springing up all over the country at the moment include escape rooms. These are puzzles that are created around a theme or a story that the entrants have to crack to be able to get out of the room in which they are set.

There are many escape room themes on offer now too. Including ones based on old freak shows, motel murders, Area 51 and all sort of other exciting themes.

Of course, the best thing about them is that even if you don’t get out within the specified time, someone will come and unlock the door for you! Something that makes them a thrilling but totally safe adventure for people of all ages that you can find close to home.


Another local adventure for the sleuths among you is geocaching. In fact, this is an activity that also has great coverage all over the world!

The idea behind it is that you use GPs coordinates to find a small case or container. These containers often hold logs which you can sign, and some even have souvenirs that you can take and place in the next one that you find.

Blank logs, tramps and theives, we’d hear it from the people of the town… #ftf #firsttofind #geocaching #geocache

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These containers are, of course, masterfully hidden and just because you have the coordinates doesn’t mean that you get to walk up and find them right away! In fact, some are so tough to locate that it is not unknown for searchers to go away without discovering them at all!

Luckily, there is also a thriving community online where you can track and log you finds. You can also use these sites to ask for help from the original hider, and others that have been successful in this location. Something that makes local geocaching a truly exciting adventure to go on.

Food challenges

Last, but not least, the chances are that somewhere around where you live they have a restaurant or two, whether they serve steak or pizza. What that means is it’s quite possible that there are some eating challenges you can take part in.

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These challenges can be an exciting local adventure for two reasons. The first being that you get to sample some amazingly delicious and sometimes spicy food, while the second is that you can get a great atmosphere going with all the people around. Something that makes it a local adventure that is fun and that can help you get to know your neighbours better as well.